Thursday, April 03, 2008

American Idol - Third Time Was A Charm

Top 9 Results - The cut to 8

I finally remembered to stop (while fast forwarding through the results show which is really the only way to watch it) at the Ford commercial music video and it wasn't even that weird. Come on, I love them for their surrealistic bizarreness of it all.

And is the Idols Gives Back next week already? It was actually the only episode I missed last year so I have no idea what it was like, but does that mean no one will really get kicked off next week? So Kristy Lee Cook lasts another TWO weeks?

So, in the end, after my third week guessing Ramiele being voted out, she's FINALLY out. She was cute in her pixieish way but totally forgettable in all her performances. So long, farewell, have a nice life.

Did they really show Bo Bice?

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