Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SYTYCD6 - Not So Sweet Sixteen

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 16 Performance Night - Ep. 613
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman

Considering we in Canada just finished the season 2 weeks ago, I'm sort of expecting a super high standard since we basically just left off with the Top dancers, so sometimes it's a let down to go back to the Top 20 when dancers are still getting used to each other. But things got really great last week during the Top 18 and my worries disappeared.

Well, apparently, the dancers still need to keep on their toes because as even Nigel pointed out, the performances tonight were generally not as great as they should be, and at some point, we can no longer use the dancers original style as an excuse not to be great in an opposing style.

Things weren't always as bad as the judges made them out to be, but I think a lot of that was due to some pretty good choreography this week. And if it's another sign, there were 4 choreographers from SYTYCD Canada tonight. Maria Torres (an American but was on the Canada show), Stacey Tookey, and newcomers Gustavo Vargas and Sean Cheesman, who have done some amazing stuff for the Canadian show.

Plus, they added a couple of new styles to the US format that we've had! Hustle and Afro Jazz!!! Yay!

Karen Hauer
Kevin Hunte
Style: Hustle
Choreographed by: Maria Torres
Song: "Come To Me" - France Joli
Grade: B

While Hustle has its roots in Disco, it's a bit more ballroom but still has that showy pizzazz and I've really enjoyed Maria Torres' choreo (which is generally WAY better than Doriana Sanchez' stuff) and I thought this was another fun routine.

I really love Kevin. I really do, but I thought he looked nervous and uncertain about things sometimes and his partnering wasn't great, yet the judges mostly seemed to love it. Karen was Karen. Which just means HOT. She (AGAIN) saved the dance and was solid throughout and held their team together.

Kevin wasn't bad, but he should be better at this point than he was. The judges are giving him a free ride but I'm not.

Here's the video of Karen and Kevin's Hustle:

Ashleigh Di Lello
Jakob Karr
Style: Jazz
Choreographed by: Mandy Moore
Song: "Relax" - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Grade: B

Like the flipside of Karen and Kevin. This time, I think Jakob totally holds together this group and saves the partnership, while I keep feeling let down by Ashleigh. And yet, the judges seem to love her.

Again, Ashleigh isn't bad but something's missing and especially dancing next to Jakob, who has this natural flair, she seems lumpy by comparison.

To Ashleigh's benefit, I actually didn't love this Mandy Moore routine, even though Nigel said it was her best since the Table Dance routine. WHA? That Sabra and Neil dance was AMAZING. This one was a poor derivative.

Here's the video of Ashleigh and Jakob's Jazz:

Pauline Mata
Peter Sabasino
Style: Quickstep
Choreographed by: JT & Tomas
Song: "Hey Baby! (Shake Those Hula Hips)" - Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack
Grade: B+

Pauline's so cute. Peter's kinda hunky awkward. What was with that comment about her eating too much before dancing? Uh, okay. I get it, but it came off sounding creepy. On the other hand, have you seen his abs? Check his twitter photo.

Anyways, Quickstep. Kiss of death dance. And Pauline knew it too. And their steps were not clean and Peter's upper body wasn't calm, and he looked shaky. Pauline seemed a bit better but not perfect.

But I LOVED the concept story with the costumes and the American GI and Hawaiian girl and it was like South Pacific all over again. And Pauline and Peter totally sold the story and despite the clumsy footwork, I found myself really enjoying it. And so did the judges! Wow. I totally thought they were going to rip them apart but they too found it fun!

Here's the video of Pauline and Peter's Quickstep:

Kathryn McCormick
Legacy Perez
Style: Broadway
Choreographed by: Andy Blankenbuehler
Song: "2 Steps AwayI Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" - Swingin' Fireballs
Grade: A-

I may be a little bias here because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andy Blankenbuehler's choreography for his Broadway shows In The Heights and 9 to 5, and thought his choreo was one of the few saving graces in this summer's Encores' The Wiz.

So I thought this was a really fun dance with the TV and couch and Legacy and Kathryn were SOOOO great!

I could have used a bit more of an emotional connection between the two, but I can't believe how much the judges pounded on Kathryn's lack of "character" while totally praising Legacy. I thought BOTH were equally great here, it's just a bigger surprise here cause Legacy comes from the Hip-Hop/B-Boy world.

Here's the video of Kathryn and Legacy's Broadway:

Channing Cooke
Victor Smalley
Style: Contemporary
Choreographed by: Stacey Tookey
Song: "Be Be Your Love (Live at KRCW)" - Rachael Yamagata
Grade: B+

I get that the judges expected more from these two contemporary dancers that get paired together, AND get their own style, but I still thought it was lovely, although I will admit my eye drew more to Victor but that may be a crush thing. I'm not sure.

I've been vocal about not really getting Channing but I thought she was lovely here, while Victor just stretches and flips and flops so naturally. Love him. Sure, there could have been more ooompth overall but I'm gonna blame a new pairing and the lack of time to build that connection that is needed for this kind of piece.

Here's the video of Channing and Victor's Contemporary:

Ellenore Scott
Ryan Di Lello
Style: Hip-Hop
Choreographed by: Lil C
Song: "Lost BoiZ Anthem" - Tha J-Squad
Grade: B-

Adam thought it was decent but Mary and Nigel pretty much hated it and I sort of fall in between. I didn't think it was THAT bad but it definitely could have been harder and needed more practice.

I thought Ellenore did a better job but her smaller frame might have helped visually, while Ryan's huge muscles seemed to get in the way.

Here's the video of Ellenore and Ryan's Hip-Hop:

Mollee Gray
Nathan Trasoras
Style: Salsa
Choreographed by: Gustavo Vargas
Song: "Quimbara" - Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco
Grade: D

Knowing how great Vargas' stuff looks on the Canadian edition, this was a huge disappointment and just looked childish and sloppy, despite the fact that Mollee looked more grown up than Nathan this week.

I love Nathan but this was not a good week for him. Mollee who has proven me wrong and overcome her annoying personality to show me that she can dance, is failing to sustain her proof. I doubt they will be in trouble just based on fans but considering I didn't think their first week was that great either, they really need to step it up like they did last week in Bollywood to stay into the Top 10.

Here's the video of Mollee and Nathan's Salsa:
Coming soon

Noelle Marsh
Russell Ferguson
Style: African Jazz
Choreographed by: Sean Cheesman
Song: "Frog Dance" - Mickey Hart and Planet Drum
Grade: A

I wanted Noelle out but WHOA, what a way to prove me wrong. All thanks to Sean Cheesman! (Who is always good on the Canadian edition so it's nice to see him get to show his stuff to a wider audience! Even though this routine seemed to cram all his tricks into one, as if he only had one chance).

Noelle REALLY stepped up her game and made a good match for Russell. While it still may be a little premature to say Russell is the definition of this season (as Nigel basically said), he certainly is proving himself and not using being a Hip-Hopper as an excuse.

Here's the video of Noelle and Russell's African Jazz:

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Final Roundup:

Best of the Night: Noelle and Russell's African Jazz
Second Best of the Night: Kathryn and Legacy's Broadway
Third Best of the Night: Pauline and Peter's Quickstep

(That makes it the 3rd time Kathryn and Legacy are in my Top 3 now!)

Best Male of the Night: Legacy Perez
Second Best Male of the Night: Jakob Karr

Best Female of the Night: Noelle Marsh
Second Best Female of the Night: Kathryn McCormick

Worst of the Night - Couple: Mollee and Nathan's Salsa
Worst of the Night - Single: Nathan Trasoras

My Predictions:
Should Be Bottom 3 Couples: Mollee and Nathan, Ellenore and Ryan, Karen and Kevin
Should also be in the Bottom: Ashleigh
Will Be Bottom 3 Couples: Karen and Kevin, Channing and Victor, Pauline and Peter

Should be Eliminated: Kevin and Ashleigh
Will be Eliminated: Channing and Victor

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Joseph Gomez said...

I began this season hating Legacy and damn the boy has got me loving him now. He's been awesome since the live shows have started and to be frank, I think he is becoming the true star of this season. Hopefully he keeps it up.

I'm also enjoying Stacey's work. With Mia gone, it seems like they thru Stacey in there just to save face, but she is doing some incredible stuff so far.

Best of the night: Legacy & Kathryn
2nd best: Noelle and Russell
3rd best: Jakob and Ashleigh

Worst of the night: Mollee and Nathan
2nd worst: Ryan and Ellenore

I don't get Victor's draw & last night's performance didn't help any. Last night was the first time I've actually enjoyed Channing, but I think it's time for her to go based on the entire season so far. Guy wise... I think Kevin needs to kick it.

Unknown said...

Notice how Lil C re-used a routine he choreographed for Natalli and Vincent in S1 of Canada?

Just look here!
Same song. Same outift. Same everything.