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American Idol - Cause They Are Give'ers

Top 8 Performance Night - Theme: Inspirational Songs (I just totally guessed that and verified that it was right. It was right. Man, how predictable is this show?)

Since the rest of the week is going to be bloated episodes of the cash cow show (and yes, that's episodeS with a 2.5 hour show on Wednesday (starting at 7:30pm) and one on Thursday (at 9pm)) let's get on with it:

Michael Johns sings "Dream On" and like all the judges, I kinda liked it and yet wasn't sure how real a deal it was. Still, that didn't deter my enjoyment of it.

Syesha Mercado sings "I Believe" and I believe this girl has tons of talent, and I like her, but WHY does she KEEP singing other DIVA'S songs? I'm. So. Fricken. Tired. Of. This. Diva a NON-Diva song. That's a way to get our attention. I enjoyed it but I wasn't blown away and she needs to blow us away right now to save her from R&B obscurity.

Jason Castro sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and for a split second I almost choked on the ukulele and just as I was about to have a natural knee jerk reaction and smash that ukulele over those dreads, I actually started to fall for Castro's islands-in-the-sun rendition (originally done by somebody I couldn't make out from Jason's soft spoken mutterings). Now someone pass me an umbrella drink please. And don't block my sun.

Kristy Lee Cook sings "Anyway". Anyways, moving on. She didn't convince me this week after having a few good lucky weeks. Her tone was off and I'm not sure why the judges were being so nice to her. Did she hit a single correct note? The judges were apparently in the spirit of the theme this week and in a giving mood. Me? Not so much.

David Cook sings "Innocent" from the Canadian band Our Lady Peace. An Our Lady Peace plug! Awesome! Sadly, maybe because I'm so used to the original, I found Cook's version REALLY off. there was a lot of showy rock shouting and holding of the higher tones but I thought it was a bit of a mess, which is too bad since he's been doing GREAT over the last few weeks.

Was that Mimi Rogers?

Carly Smithson sings "The Show Must Go On" by Queen. You know, my gut would have thought that doing any Queen songs would be risky, but Michael Johns rocked it a few weeks back, and I thought Carly did a pretty good job this week, and not the train wreck I would have predicted. It wasn't perfect but not as bad as the judges criticized her for. I didn't mind it and enjoyed it.

David Archuleta sings "Angels" from Robbie Williams. This is one of Robbie's best songs, and I think I survived on it when I lived in Belgium so Archuleta already has that advantage already. Then he sang. Hot damn! I love that low voice coming from the cherubic little angel! Not only did he not ruin one of my favorite songs, I think he actually improved on it. Why HASN'T "Angels" been a big hit in America?

Brooke White sings "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King and made famous by James Taylor, two very distinctive and iconic voices in American music. I really didn't expect anything new here and expected another boring retread, so when Brooke made the song seem like her own (how could I have even doubted her), in a quiet yet powerful rendition with her little quirks, I loved every minute and thought she actually made quite a distinctive impression on the iconic song. The judges didn't think so, but whatever, Brooke's got a friend in me (wow, I had to stick in one last lame line in there!)

Best of the night: David Archuleta

Next best: Brooke White

I even liked: Michael Johns, Jason Castro, and Carly Smithson

Worst of the night: Kristy Lee Cook, hands down.

Most forgetable of the night: Syesha Mercado

Going home? No one. It's Idols Gives Back Week (with the show Wednesday starting at 7:30pm and running until 10pm. Don't forget! 7:30pm. Not 8pm. Very important since the opening number is with the So You Think You Can Dance hotties), they wouldn't cut someone would they? Then again, there's an extra episode on Thursday (at 9pm). If someone does go home, I hope it's Kristy Lee Cook but I think it's going to be Syesha Mercado.

My fear of who might be in bottom three for some reason? Michael Johns. And/Or Brooke White.

All the videos of the performances are after the jump:

Michael Johns - "Dream On"

Syesha Mercado - "I Believe"

Jason Castro - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Kristy Lee Cook - "Anyway"

David Cook - "Innocent"

Carly Smithson - "The Show Must Go On"

David Archuleta - "Angels"

Brooke White - "You've Got A Friend"

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Thanks to Rickey for the photos.

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