Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pretty Interesting - Pretty Handsome - Dead Pilot Review

Pretty Handsome - Originally Made for FX. No air date or pick up.

The show that never was. Ryan Murphy's latest dead pilot had Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) as a father and doctor who liked to explore his more feminine side. He was married to Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix). Father to Jonathan Groff (Hair, Spring Awakening) and a younger son. His parents were Blythe Danner and fellow doc Robert Wagner. His friends were Sarah Paulson and Mike O'Malley. Christopher Egan, a friend of son Groff, continually flirts with mom Moss. Neicy Nash is Wagner's secretary/vertical partner.

Basically a great cast in a problematic pilot that never got picked up, but while there were some incredibly hokey or cliched moments made overdramatic with a heavily orchestrated score, and a case of a woman becoming a man that hit the parallel points like a heavy hammer, the pilot still kept me interested enough in learning more, more that I'll never find out.

Murphy will move onto to make Bi-Coastal, a new show about a man having a relationship with a woman on one side of America, while having a relationship with a man on the other, flipping back between LA and NY. Now why can't I think this sh#t up? Cheeky and I love it!

While I lost interest in Nip/Tuck long time ago and I feel Murphy tends to sensationalize everything he can put his hands upon, I did love the performances coming from Pretty Handsome and of course, I was hoping to see Groff (above with Fiennes and Jake Cherry) every week.

The good news is that Groff was able to move on to this past summer's Hair and now the new Taking Woodstock movie by director Ang Lee.

There's actually a preview AND the whole episode on youtube:

Here's the whole episode, at least for now:

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