Friday, September 05, 2008

Let The 2008 Fall TV Preview Begin!

I'm back from China and ready for the new Fall TV Season and I'm ready to start posting about it all! Finally! So it will all start rolling out over the next while with previews/reviews of the pilots.

And since we had a shortened season last year, I think I've been starving for new scripted TV because I think I'm going easier on the new pilots than I would normally. So just a warning.

I'll keep updating this post as my master page of linkage to all my pilot reviews.

If you want an early peek, Hey Neilsen! rounded up a lot of my fellow TV bloggers including myself for an early opinion on the new shows for this TV season with the overall results here, and our commentaries here. (I guess I should have taken more care in writing my comments. I didn't think they would all be published! Though some of mine turned out funnier than I usually am! Maybe writing off the cuff really quickly might work better for me! Though a few comments were meant to be read one after the other like the way I filled out the form, so the humour may be missed in a couple).

I've already posted about Raising The Bar and ABC's previews for returning shows, but I'll keep adding to this list as I post them. I still need to catch up with this past week's premieres like 90210, Gossip Girl and Bones.

Anyways, here's the list for The 2008 Fall TV Preview (all reviews out of 5 stars):

New Shows - Previews and Reviews:

Raising the Bar - Pilot Review - TNT - Mondays 10pm - ***1/2 - Premiered Sept. 1st
Little Britain USA - Preview - HBO - Sundays 10:30pm - Premieres Sept. 28th
Do Not Disturb - Pilot Review - FOX - Wednesdays 9:30pm - * - Premieres Sept. 10th
Fringe - Pilot Review - FOX/CTV/AChannel - Tuesdays 9pm - **** - Premiered Sept. 9th at 8pm (2 hrs)
90210 - Pilot Review - The CW/Global - Tuesdays 8pm (9pm on Global for now) - **1/2 - Premiered Sept. 2nd
Privileged - Pilot Review - The CW/City - Tuesdays 9pm - ***1/2 - Premiered Sept. 9th at 9pm

Upcoming posts:
The Mentalist - CBS - Tuesdays 9pm - Premieres Sept. 23rd
Life of Mars - ABC - Thursdays 10pm - Premieres Oct. 9th

Returning Shows - Previews:

The Amazing Race 13 - CBS/CTV - Sundays 8pm - ***1/2 - Premieres Sept. 28th
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - FX - Thursdays 10pm - *** - Premieres Sept. 18th.
Pushing Daisies - ABC/AChannel - Wednesdays 8pm - ***** - Premieres Oct. 1st - (A Second Preview Post with Promotional Stills - JUST ADDED)
Survivor: Gabon - CBS/Global - Thursdays 8pm - *** - Premieres Sept. 25th
Gossip Girl - Review - The CW/AChannel - Mondays 8pm (Sundays at 8pm on AChannel) - **** - Premiered Sept. 1st
Brothers & Sisters - ABC/Global - Sundays 10pm - ***1/2 - Premieres Sept. 28th - JUST ADDED
Dirty Sexy Money - ABC/AChannel - Wednesdays 10pm - *** - Premieres Oct. 1st - JUST ADDED

Here are Video Previews of the 2008-2009 Season:

ABC 2008-2009 Video Previews
CBS 2008-2009 Video Previews
NBC 2008-2009 Video Previews
FOX 2008-2009 Video Previews
The CW 2008-2009 Video Previews

For more on the 2008-2009 TV Upfronts:

Fox 2008
ABC 2008
CBS 2008
NBC 2008
The CW 2008

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