Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad Ass Chuck Is Back

Gossip Girl - The Serena Also Rises - Ep. 205 (Airs on The CW at 8pm on Monday)
Chuck - Season 2 Premieres Monday, Sept. 29th at 8pm on NBC/City

The Chucks are back and more badass than ever! Chuck is back on NBC tonight and is already available free online. Meanwhile, Chuck Bass gets even crueler than normal when Dan tries to befriend him for benefits. No not THAT kind of benefits (that's book 4 apparently), no, Dan needs new writing inspiration so tries to live the Chuck life much to Chuck's unamused bemusement and things get a little nasty.

So two Chucks. Two shows by Josh Schwartz. Both at 8pm on Mondays. Now THAT's a cruel choice.

Without spoiling too much on this weeks Gossip Girl, Blair is being a bitch (well, I mean more than normal) because Serena is now Queen Bee and turns on everyone and everybody and anyone that crosses her path becomes bloodless victims. Watch out Jenny! Enjoy the toast for now, because the bitch is back and she's MAD. Why? I don't even know anymore since Blair seems more like a petty spoiled tattletale who is totally perturbed by Serena's new found status so I'm not sure why Laurel or Jenny aren't taking Blair down by spilling the truth to mama Eleanor but whatever, it sure makes for some entertaining scenes.

Chuck is being extra broody (even more than normal) because poor little rich boy can't get his father's attention and thus takes in poor ol' Dan as a one-night protege until Chuck decides to turn on Dan. Then rinse, have Dan defend Chuck after some secrets are spilled, then repeat again. Oh it's going to be a messy one! Almost as messy as Serena's hair (I know it's supposedly "IN" right now but really?) in Eleanor's fashion show.

In the same timeslot, rival Chuck is back for more action and adventure and hilarity in a perfect combo of comedy and spy action that is superbly carried off by Zachary Levi as the title character.

The Cast of Chuck

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski:

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker:

Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey:

Sarah Lancaster as Elle Bartowski:

Mark Christopher Lawrence as Big Mike:

Ryan McPartlin as Captain Awesome:

Scott Krinsky as Jeff:

Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes:

Julia Ling as Anna:
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