Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I $!$!$ Love This Woman!

Suze Orman was on Oprah today explaining to the suburban women living in their McMansions and driving their SUV's that their current lifestyle is probably unsustainable and they MUST MAKE SOME CUTS in this harsh economic environment. I $!$!$ love this woman!

The irony being that Oprah herself has helped perpetuate a lot of those wants but OPRAH is bloody rich so she can afford to buy anything she wants. Maybe America itself. In fact, Oprah could probably save the nation with her own bank account.

I'm not sure I felt sorry for that couple that was 90k in credit card debt but I loved that the retired couple living in the RV roaming around the country got Suze's financial approval for being so cautious and careful with their money and saved and saved so that they could live their dream. Right on!

I've always wondered how the heck everyone else lives such a high lifestyles as I'm scrimping and saving away so in a way it makes me feel better that people are in credit card debt and not making WAY more than I am (well, they probably still are). I know. How cruel of me. Whatever. It's the few joys being a big ol' CHEAPSKATE buys me.

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