Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lovin' On My Fellow Bloggers

The lovely Linz McC (who I will actually meet next week in person in LA!) from Linc McC's Completely Pointless Blog nominated me for being... well... not creepy and lovin' this blog so I'm here to pass on the lovin'!

So while there's my usual foray of blogs that I love that I already post on the Blogworthy Roll on the sidebar (see sidebar and click away!), I'm going to spread the love to blogs I've never mentioned before on my blog before but that I enjoy reading too.

So here is how this thing works. I nominate 7 of my favorite blogs, and those bloggers get to

-Display this pic on their blog!

-Link to the person that nominated their blog.

-Nominate 7 of their own fave blogs to do the same.

-Notify your nominees of the honor!

And here are my nominees (in no particular order):

1. My friend at Been Eating Around - Here's my plug to a close friend's new food blog (that mostly centers around New York where she lives) which surprises me because a) I never thought she would blog and now knows my plight of how much of a time waster it can be, and how hard it is to get an audience (AHHH... NOW she understands why our friends who don't click are bitches!) so please click cause she'll be so excited that someone other than and b) English isn't her forte so I'm surprised that she's actually writing and so I'm proud that she's using it as practice as I told her! Oh, plus, the food porn pictures make me hungry.

2. Alicia at Things You'll Learn To Love About Me - You'll learn to love her as a mother, a wife, a database marketing manager, director, performer, writer, chef, artist, computer whiz and a blogger who just seems genuinely nice and heartwarming!

3. Stucking Fupid at Who Writes This Crap - He loves to hate us but I love his super sarcastic and hilarious diatribes on his life as a gay librarian and his success and failures in dating, work and anything in between.

4. Joseph Gomez at I Can't, I Have Rehearsal - A fellow theatre geek who is funny and bitchy but in a nice way!

5. 3guys, 2k9s - It's exactly what you think. The 3guys are Kent, Mike and Travis and the 2k9's are Ulla and Zeke and they all live together in something that sounds extremely like a gay porn fantasy (the 3guys part I mean) but is fascinating in its normalcy as the guys (but mostly Travis) blog about cars, dogs, vacation trips, political rants and other regular guys stuff and while redefining family.

6. 6things - 1. lists of 6 things, 2. simple, 3. clever, 4. amusing, 5. right-on, 6. topical... or not.

7, Josh & Josh Are Rich And Famous - Two cute and funny friends named Josh hailing from the Midwest who now live in New York and are... well... rich and famous. Well, at least D-list at the minimum (thanks to their blog), which is still about 5 letters higher than I am. So of course I'm jealous and in awe.

Hmm... there's a lot of gays on my roster (and a lot more I read that I left out...)


Esther said...

Nice list and congratulations on the honor! I went the same route you did. I didn't want to slight any of my favorites, so I tried to pass along some love to blogs that I don't usually mention or don't have on my blogroll.

Have a great time with Linz McC and tell her I said hello!

Koko said...

Thanks for putting me in your fav list. Your right, every click counts.

TP said...

Too cool. Thanks for the love.

BTW - I did like Breakfast with Scot - perhaps a little predictable (the ending at least), but really enjoyable.

par3182 said...

thanks for the mention on your list of seven (seven things? what a crazy idea); what a lovely birthday surprise