Saturday, September 13, 2008

The TV Blog Coalition - Ready To Be A TV Couch Potato!

Boy, I'm pooped. Between going to Europe, NY and Shanghai over the summer for pleasure (I know. I'm getting no sympathy from any of you), a few more places for work, and helping out at my old job, I'm not sure where summer went but it was a good one. I was planning to rest this past week on my only week off but ended up doing the Toronto International Film Festival (I have 4 more reviews coming up) instead thanks to free tickets from my friend Chris, but I'm glad that it's all ending and I can return back to normal life again (plus, all the depressing artsy films were starting to get to me. I swear, one more depressing movie and I was just going to kill myself).

So I can't wait to vegetate in front of the TV again now that the new shows are starting to reappear! Woo! House starts this week, joining Bones, Fringe, Gossip Girl, 90210 but the bulk of the Fall shows will start on the week of Sept. 22nd. So get ready! I'm prepping my couch already!

Anyways, here's what the other TV bloggers had to say this week:

What was in the water during 2004-05? Buzz salutes the TV season that brought us Lost, House, and Grey's Anatomy. (BuzzSugar)

This week, Sandie share some news and spoilers from Supernatural's new season. (Daemon's TV)

After listening to the media debate if they were bias or not for a whole week, Scooter has this to tell them: stop making the new and go back to reporting it you morons. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

To celebrate the season (and series) premieres of Gossip Girl and Privileged, we're giving away several copies of the books that started these shows. (RTVW)

Vance is excited that So You Think You Can Dance Canada has finally started AND starts off in his hometown of Toronto where apparently, Canadians really CAN dance! (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace interviewed The Office's Amy Ryan and Paul Lieberstein and gave five reasons why he loved the latest episode of Mad Men. (Televisionary)

TiFaux got a slew of new contributors this week! To start off her blogging reign at TiFaux, Marisa did a critical analysis comparing Lost and Fringe, discussing the appearance of crazy animals and mad scientists. (TiFaux)

This week, put forth our theory as to who Kelly Taylor's Baby Daddy is! [The TV Addict]

Raoul got all the dirt on the new season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles straight from Lena Headey and exec producer Josh Friedman (TV Filter)

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