Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get Your Dirty Hands Off My Sexy Money - Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money - Season 2 Premieres on Oct. 1st at 10pm on ABC/AChannel

With everything going on in the markets right now, am I mean to think some of this is the bankers, brokers and other suit's own doing? I'm secretly laughing in glee (once I've double checked that my own portfolio is safe of course)!

Schadenfreude is right! Now I'm no economic expert or anything but isn't this whole economic downfall basically coming down to the fact that people are spending way more than they are actually earning/making and that people need to suck it up, live without the latest gear or daily Starbucks, and save some money? Plus, coming from an architect's perspective (as one of the poorest paid professions around), I've always had it secretly out for the suits who push around virtual money around (or creating creative accounting methods to make the rich richer and keep the poor down) and somehow that's a JOB? and one that makes a lot of money? (Apparently, I'm here to piss off first realtors and now suits or anybody with an MBA! (That Fedex commercial was just classic!))

But, oh, we love money and we all dream of having it don't we? We love it even more when those with it trip up and lose it! So as the folks at Lehman Brothers are being tossed onto the street with their boxes (seriously, it's just WRONG how much I'm laughing on the inside all while watching it on CNN), you can continue spending frivolously on the Season 1 DVD of Dirty Sexy Money to see how those Darlings live. And hey, those newly unemployed folks have all the time in the world now to watch and catch up!

Then check out the Darlings latest venture, The Darling Towers and watch the Season 2 premiere of Dirty Sexy Money on ABC/AChannel on Wednesday Oct. 1st at 10pm.

By the way, my next diatribe will be against developers (well, bad ones at least, like any who can call a room with no windows a "den" or "bedroom" or anyone who ever built a tower in Vancouver, or anyone who works for Concord). So watch your back!

As for the actual show, I actually forgot where we were (so thankfully ABC prepared a starter kit to catch us all up), but I do remember loving Samaire Armstrong's flighty performance as the spoiled Juliet Darling but it seems like she really IS off the show after her bout with rehab (or something like that). Meanwhile, Lucy Liu (!!!) now joins the cast (uh, I guess Cashmere Mafia is officially dead then? Shoot, it was the better of the two SATC knockoff's but sadly, I guess Lipstick Jungle won) and there's more of that mystery surrounding Blair Underwood's Simon Elder and Peter Krause's Nick George's dad and something about Tripp (notice I used the word "trip" above?) Darling but really, we are here to watch the rich folks behave badly and hopefully take a fall at some point, while we're rooting for "poor" boy do-gooder Nick surviving the filthy rich!

Hopefully Candis Cayne will return as Carmelita and hopefully they can make Rev. Brian Darling actually likable at some point.

Here's the "Starter Kit" ABC prepared to catch you up on everything from Season 1 on Dirty Sexy Money:

Here are the new ABC promotional stills of the cast:

Peter Krause as Nick George:

Donald Sutherland as Tripp Darling:

Jill Clayburgh as Letitia Darling:

Natalie Zea as Karen Darling:

William Baldwin as Patrick Darling:

Seth Gabel as Jeremy Darling:

Glenn Fitzgerald as Rev. Brian Darling:

Zoe McClellan as Lisa George:

Blair Underwood as Simon Elder:

Lucy Liu as Nola Lyons:
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Couldn't agree more about developers. If you're interested in season two, the "everything darling" teaser that was hyped on the emmys is available on youtube,