Monday, September 08, 2008

Delayed Reality - Crushes Crushed - Project Runway, High School Musical: Get In The Picture, Canadian Idol

I go away to Shanghai for a week and return to find all the cute boys cut from my current roster of reality shows? What's going ON??? What kind of punishment was that? Wasn't the death defying cab ride in China enough?

I finally caught up with Project Runway and after Wesley (above with real life boyfriend Daniel) left, I knew Daniel's remaining flaky days were few (did he make ANYTHING that I liked? or ANTHING that had good taste that he claimed to have? at least he has good taste in boyfriends), but I can't believe Keith somehow devolved into his angry nervous second-guessing self so fast, going from winning to losing in a quick downfall not seen since Britney's career.

But when Keith started crying in his exit interview, did you just want to totally hold him in reassurance? (and secretly shave off that little bunnytail thing he has on the back of his head? What the hell is that?).

And granted, Stella was very inconsistent, I totally thought the judges were going to keep her over Joe. I loved that Joe won the drag queen challenge but his Diane von Furstenberg outfit was fugly (and a disgrace to Shanghai, including their cab drivers) and I was getting to love Stella's responses to everything in her monotone "ay'm guing ta make eet out of leat-ther". So I'm kind of sad to see her go.

At this point, my favorite is Leanne who I called out as one to watch for earlier on! Yay for winning two in a row!

I'm shocked that James Wolpert was cut from High School Musical: Get In The Picture.

Excuse me, WHAT? Considering he was by far the best contestant... WHAT? Stan had improved a LOT and was getting really awesome, but both girls who WERE good had two bad weeks in a row (imho), yet Tierney (who seemed to be totally dead in her performance) and Christina (who was vocally off for me) are totally safe. And Isaiah? Um, he's okay but I'm just going to repeat what my sister said, un-pc as it may be. James was cut because he was white and male, and the producers probably want to stick a more multicultural winner. No one to compete with Zac Efron I guess.

I'm also going to blame the poor performances by the girls, and James' ouster on the fact that they were forced to sing 80's songs. Really. How good can you sound when you have to sing songs from the 80's? (Video below after the jump). James had to emote to "Jesse's Girl". Is that fair?

After making fun of Drew Wright for only being a pretty boy a few weeks back, he since showed me up and totally improved on his performances and just as I was finally seeing him as a real contender for this years Canadian Idol, he gets cut from the Top 3, missing out on the finale by a week.


Here's Drew Wright singing "I'm Ready" from the Top 3 week (with more videos below):

Alright, so while I like Mitch MacDonald, at this point, Theo Tams clearly deserves to be the winner this Wednesday.

Theo Tams singing "Heaven" from Top 3 Week:

Theo Tams singing "When You're Gone" from Top 3 Week:

Theo Tams singing "Chariot" from Top 4 Week:

Theo Tams singing "You Don't Know Me" from Top 4 Week:

Drew Wright singing "Cuts Like A Knife" from the Top 3 week:

Drew Wright singing "Gravity" from the Top 4 Week:

Drew Wright singing "Hey Daddy (Hippo in my Tub)" from the Top 4 Week:

Here's Tierney, Christina, Isaiah, Stan and James singing songs from the 80's on High School Musical: Get In The Picture:

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