Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pretty Gross - Bones, Fringe, Supernatural

Bones - Yanks in the U.K., The Man in the Outhouse, The Finger in the Nest, The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond - Eps. 401-404
Fringe - The Ghost Network - Ep. 103
Supernatural - Lazarus Rising, Are You There, God? It's Me... Dean Winchester - Ep. 401, 402

Why do I keep watching these shows while I'm eating dinner?

Someone needs to remind me to stop doing that. Last week I was eating a chicken drumstick as Booth's kid finds the remaining bones of a finger, this week I'm having soup when kids find the chopped up pieces of a dead body in a pool of purple liquid.


Then again, the show IS called Bones so I should know better.

I don't like horror movies so I'm still not sure why I make myself watch Supernatural and I think I turned away from Fringe a few too many times ALREADY (and what, we're only on the 3rd episode?).

Luckily, the writing is sharp on all three shows and they were smart enough to cast pretty people to offset the gross out factors.

Oh the pretty people. I'm still not totally convinced on Fringe yet. I enjoy it while I'm watching it (when I'm not totally freaked or grossed out at least) but I tend to forget what happened as soon as the show's over. I'm still not totally invested in the overarching plot (well, more like, I'm just too confused ALREADY) and the stand alone stories are X-Files good but as any procedural, I don't need to keep coming back for more. What keeps me coming back for more is Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop. I mean, I've always loved Pacey but I really do think Jackson has a charisma that loves the TV screen.

Bones is trying to replace Dr. Zack and testing out new hires every week but I like the gimmick so far, because it somehow brings out the intricacies of the team unit and all the relationship entanglements and trust levels to the forefront. It breaks my heart that Angela and Hodgins have broken up, even after finding Angela's hot ex, but it adds for some great tension, along with Sweets who sort of called it all out.

Zack himself shows up this week! And his secret reveal to Sweets gives hope that Eric Millegan will be back! Which is probably why they aren't keeping any one replacement that included Eugene Byrd back as Dr. Clark Edison (above), Michael Badalucco (The Practice) as the oldest grad student, and this weeks very HOT Wendell (Michael Terry). Oh PLEASE can you keep Wendell? He REALLY needs the job to pay off his town for supporting his schooling (and not the Mob as Angela had suspected). The fact that he thought Bones was coming on to him and he freaked about being the boss's bed bitch was HILARIOUS and his naiveness would be a hoot (but a very different naiveness than Zack).

Also, the whole London trip was worth it just for the bobby joke. An expensive bobby joke but it was fun seeing Booth and Bones in London if only to hark back memories of the city that I adore (as long as I don't think about the exorbitant prices).

I missed a few Supernatural episodes from last season and never got caught up, so I'm a bit confused at this point but either way, Dean and Sam are battling evil as normal and Dean was in hell and the show still scares the sh#t out of me.

Yet those faces (particularly Jensen Ackles) keeps suckering me back for more though. It's always the pretty things that can easily tempt us back to evil isn't it?

I could have sworn Sam (Jared Padalecki) cried out Rory and not Bobby in the last episode. Or was I only hoping?

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