Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CBS IS Funny (AND On Purpose) - The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Worst Week

The Big Bang Theory - The Bad Fish Paradigm - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere
How I Met Your Mother - Do I Know You? - Ep. 401 - Season Premiere
Worst Week - Pilot - Series Premiere
All are now available online to view.

If CBS switches The New Adventures of Old Christine into the 9pm Monday slot now, CBS would have a perfect comedy block night. I mean, none of the shows are revolutionary like having 30 Rock and The Office back to back but it is still a very funny comedy block and on CBS, that's worth a LOT.

And I guess if you count David Caruso's acting on Monday nights CSI Miami, it really is a truly funny night! Ba da boom.

New show Worst Week is not even close to being the worst new show and somehow the premise of seeing Kyle Bornheimer as Sam on his worst week ever is supremely sweet and hilarious and fits perfectly with last years surprise treat The Big Bang Theory and the always underrated How I Met Your Mother (which both had great season premieres last night too!)

And somehow all the pratfalls and slapstick and slap-my-face-and-cover-my-eyes-and-mouth comedy horror worked AND seemed to even be somewhat plausible and NOW I get how Sam gets into the garbage bag diaper that we saw from the preview. NOW it makes sense (and strangely, the show is totally convincing). Bonus points for using a Popular alum (Tamara Mello) to get Kyle naked.

So far it's a small cast but a dream one with comedy veterans Nancy Leneham (My Name Is Earl) and Kurtwood Smith (That 70's Show) as Angela and Dick, the parents Sam is failing to impress. I can't believe that the opener not only explained the diaper, but had Dick presumed dead and in a funeral home, Sam peeing into the dinner AND burning Nancy's gift of a painted portrait of Dick. How are they going to keep this up week after week?

At this point I'm giving Worst Week ***1/2 (3.5 stars out of 5). It may never elevate to genius territory but it could probably pull off cute, zany and sweet just based on Kyle Bornheimer alone.

The Big Bang Theory returned with a bang when Leonard realizes his date with Penny probably didn't go as well as he initially thought while Sheldon learns the REAL reason Penny is backing off. (Is the background below hinting at something or was that just pure coincidence?)

Sheldon folds his socks with the T-shirt folder. It's amazing that not only do I not want to kill this guy, I want to hug him. Jim Parsons plays Sheldon as an enormously lovable ass and I love this show all the more for it.

Sheldon's tangents and weird connective humour is probably a bit too close to things I would say in real life (as in, not funny pieces of strange things I connect together in the world as my friends probably appease for my own delusional sake) but it gives Penny all the better reactions to bounce off from! Yes. Kaley Cuoco can be of use. And not just to stand there and look pretty (though doesn't she look pretty?) and fold socks (the wrong way... the wrong way? That's how I store my socks too!).

Oh, and Howard and Rajnesh still rock!

And Barney still rocks on How I Met Your Mother. Who somehow steals the show from Ted even AFTER Stella agrees to marry Ted.

Say what? Say Stella Said Yes! And then Ted tries to kill her with a peanut.

So the unemployed Marshall tells Ted to put Stella to the test and see if she likes Star Wars, a movie she's never seen and he worships. She watches, and feigns love but really hates it. Love Stella for hating Star Wars. Someone else who sees the idiocy in the childish overrated dreck. Though in real life I lie about that too, but mostly because I don't want to be beat up by the guys.

But back to Barney.

Who is now in love with Robin after their one night stand last season.

And Barney becomes a mellow jello whom Robin doesn't recognize, just as she doesn't recognize his puppy love eyes. So instead, Robin introduces Barney to the big boobed waitress and all is well again in the universe. For now. And despite Lily's urging.

I'm guessing this will all be continued at some point, but loving the new wrench they inevitably had to throw in.

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