Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let The Sunshine In On Broadway

Hair. Broadway. 2009.

It's no Central Park but it'll have to do. Especially for those that still haven't seen it yet, and for those who won't be able to catch the last 4 performances before it closes at the Delacorte Theatre this Sunday, Sept. 14th 2008. Seriously, if you're i New York now. GO. LINE UP. Even the Clintons have seen the MUST SEE SHOW OF THE SEASON.

Because you all MUST SEE IT.

No word on which theatre or when it would transfer to Broadway yet. The Vivian Beaumont, with the circular shape to it would be a perfect fit, but we know South Pacific ain't moving for a while. The Circle in the Square Theatre is probably what most people would think works best with its thrust stage but whether it goes there or any other theatre, the show will probably have to reconfigure itself a bit and I'm afraid some of the special qualities of seeing Hair outside in the middle of Central Park will be lost but the production is so great that people should be able to see it somehow no matter what.

I wonder if Groff will actually return to do the show? I've heard complaints that he doesn't "get" the show and his acting is off, (I didn't feel that way and most of the legit critics didn't seem to think so) and I've heard Christopher J. Hanke, Groff's replacement (while Groff is off making the new Ang Lee movie Taking Woodstock) is a better actor, but a worse singer. I didn't get a chance to see Hanke do the role so I can't say, but I thought Groff was terrific and the cast was impeccable (though I always felt that Karen Olivo should have left In the Heights temporarily to do the show in the role of Sheila).

Anyways, BROADWAY! Radical man!

Here's a shaky clip from the preview performance the cast did before it opened in Central Park. Singing "The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In":


Esther said...

Thanks Vance! That was great, even if it was a little shaky. I really love this music. Perhaps, way down deep, I always wanted to be a hippie, but I was born too late. ;-(

Anonymous said...

its amazing i cant wait to see it and how they adapt it for bway :)