Monday, December 11, 2006

Brothers and Sisters - Home for the Holidays

Light the Lights

Paige doesn't get her prayers answered (to cure her diabetes) so goes all Jewish since Nora is technically Jewish. Nora who went secular long time ago embraces Hanukkah to teach grandchild Paige but scares her off with her newly found fervent behaviour.

Kevin helps fight Justin's case in court against the Military and loses the case but still manages to gain 6 more months before Justin must show up for duty.

Kitty is offered her own show after bribing the senator, then confessing about it on television.

Sarah, Saul and Tommy find out that Holly owns 1/3rd the share of that land they discovered on the last episode, the one that conveniently would be worth 30 million dollars if sold to the military. Sarah tries to lie to Holly about it's worth which of course backfires, finally settling on giving her shares of Ojai and half the land's worth so that Ojai doesn't go bankrupt.

Okay. Love Patricia Wettig but I'm still not sure I like this Holly character or how she plays it. Something irks me about it though maybe she's supposed to? At least now she has a legitimate reason to stay within the storylines (and with hopefully the appearance of Rebecca soon (with hopefully Everwood alum Emily VanCamp in the role)). Oh yeah, and Sarah's husband (played by John Pyper-Ferguson) Joe Whedon actually gets a whole bunch of speaking lines this week! Plus still totally blown away by Dave Annable's acting as he keeps up with his esteemed peers!

Love how they somehow stuck in celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas in the same episode without being Chrismukkah. Way to cover the demographics.

So everything continues to conveniently fall into place after much drama but man, still loving this show and what a perfect show to end off the weekend on Sunday nights!

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