Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ugly Betty - The Spiciest Wedding Episode Around

A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding - Ep. 207

Willy's getting married!

And Posh Spice (see you in February!) appears as Wilhelmina's maid of honour since they are SO close, since Wil is like her mum! Oh oh... And she's giving her the gift of "Beckham 24/7", the new energy sports drink (I wish it were Beckham, 24/7). "Beck mmm..." God, this show can even make Victoria Beckham hilarious. And they think they don't need writers? (I've been working on my reactionary WGA strike post (In solidarity!) for a few days but I'm still not ready to release my incoherent rant yet).

From Vera Wang giving Perfect Spice a booty bop...

Marc feeling tingly meeting Perfect Spice...

And you know how I always complain that they never give Christina a good storyline? Well, Betty discovers that Christina has a secret husband as Christina takes her in Fay's secret lair. A husband she left behind 5 years ago when she went to buy dog food and never returned. Stuart has come back to reconcile, and between the blue eyes, the cute hair and stubble and the Scottish accent, I'm totally sold.

Sold on everything about this show! Which seriously is becoming one of my top 3 shows (along with Friday Night Lights and Pushing Daisies).

Ignacio catches Betty sneaking in from her dates with Henry as Hilda tries to cover up, and Ignacio forbids Betty from seeing Henry while she's still under his roof, so Betty leaves.

Betty moves in with Henry but the realities of life hamper their adorable love.

Marc slowly learns to deal with Cliff's regularness. OMG. Marc's in love with a regularman. The travesties!

Posh is continuing to steal Wilhelmina's thunder.

Daniel is bitter about Alexis being their father's best man.

More people are getting it on this week, as Christina rekindles the romance with good Stuart, only to find bad syringes in his bag.

Betty wakes up in bed next to Henry who has the cutest bed hair.

Wilhelmina sleeps with her bodyguard (who, isn't that Vanessa William's real life ex-husband Rick Fox? Isn't that weird?) and Daniel catches wind of something going on but needs more proof. Proof that Betty has, but who made a deal knowing Willy's secret in exchange for getting her father back into the States, remains mum.

Stuart reveals that he's actually dying and the syringes are band aid treatments but he really needs a $100k surgery available in New York and Christina vows to save his life.

Amanda, who has about 10 lines, milks those lines as the "celebrity" Amanda Sommers, Fay's daughter, to little attention.

Cliff shows up at the wedding all clean cut and groomed in a snazzy suit and Marc is overwhelmed that Cliff would endure all that pain to be beautiful. I think I may have a tear in my eye! At least until Marc starts getting jealous when Cliff starts talking to hot guys (straight hot male models he usually shoots). until Amanda somehow gets them back together.

Wilhelmina gets Dwayne (her bodyguard) to lock Posh in a closet as the wedding begins.

Ignacio finally gets his citizenship, and Henry forces Betty to go make up. Since he's American now, she can finally spill Willy's secret and she runs into the wedding objecting the marriage.

I was about to say that Daniel and Betty have a great chemistry together as boss/assistant without any creepy sexual tension, until Daniel feels betrayed by Betty who kept Willy's extramarital affairs a secret and he fires her. Oh crap.

Daniel tries to stop the wedding, while Amanda entertains the guests with her rendition of Kelis' "Milkshake". I'm about to choke with laughter.

Bradford doesn't believe Daniel but just as he's about to marry Wilhelmina, he collapses and dies. Does Alan Dale ever not die (like on The OC)? Poor guy, he's always the old rich guy who dies and Wilhelmina misses the rich boat. Leave it to Ugly Betty to turn the most hilarious wedding episode into something quite somber and touching.


Anonymous said...

Are we sure he's dead?? I love Amanda and Marc! woot woot

Vance said...

Well, they said a main cast member was going to die (so I was like OH GOD NOT MARC, AMANDA, the underused CHRISTINA, WILLY, ALEXIS, DANIEL, HILDA, JUSTIN or HENRY (well, I knew it couldn't be Betty)) so that left Papa Suarez and Papa Meade...

I guess Alan Dale never survives does he?

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