Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Brother(s & Sisters)

Brothers & Sisters - Premieres Sunday, Sep. 28th at 10pm on ABC/Global.

I don't know why I only thought about this now, but the title Brothers & Sisters is kind of a lame title isn't it? Very plain. No? I just saw a big billboard for the show while I was on the bus traveling from Santiago to Vin del Mar (I'm in Chile right now by the way) and the billboard had the title in English but thinking about it as seen through foreign eyes, the title just seemed very blah (or did I just have too much time to think about it, like when you start thinking about the word "what" and it starts looking really funny (w-hat? wh- at?)).

Anyways, luckily, the show isn't as boring as the title, though I will note that I did downgrade it from 4 stars to 3.5 stars right now because of the backtracking of Rebecca's storyline is a total sham, and all for a somewhat creepy relationship with Justin? I'm still EW-ing about it. EWWWWWW.

Still, the show has always been a trashy soap opera acted with an A list cast (with Luke MacFarlane permanently joining the cast!!!). Of course, now with the newly hinted at "Ryan" as the REAL "R" in the Walker family, the new casting session begins. Apparently they've already ruled out Everwood's Gregory Smith because it might be too much to pair him again with Emily VanCamp. May I suggest The OC's Benjamin McKenzie or even better, where-is-he-now Jason Behr from Roswell? I know Greg Berlanti always liked him (who wouldn't with that face) and had said that he would want Behr to play him if there was ever a movie made about himself. Or what about Matt Long from another Berlanti show Jack & Bobby? Three perfectly viable choices! (Though Matt, who played Jack McCallister would then be on the same show as Rob Lowe who plays Rob McCallister which came from Jack & Bobby and that might be weird!)

Anyways, the third season of Brothers & Sisters premieres on Sunday, September 28th at 10pm on ABC/Global and I've posted the new promotional stills below (and yes, that is now 2 days in a row I'm shilling for ABC (with a 3rd tomorrow), you'd think I'm working for them or something. You'd think the least they could do is send me an advance preview of the new season on DVD or something... hint hint.). I've also snuck in a couple of sneak peak photos from the premiere episode (that I stole from AfterElton who already has photos from episode 3 as well).

ABC also put together a "Starter Kit" for Brothers & Sisters to bring everyone up to date with all the Season 1 and 2 shenanigans in the Walkers household.

Here's the trailer for Season 3:

Here's the Season 3 preview:

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Here are the cast photos for Season 3 of Brothers & Sisters:

Sally Fields as Nora Walker:

Balthazar Getty as Tommy Walker:

Calista Flockhart as Kitty Walker:

Dave Annable as Justin Walker:

Emily VanCamp as Rebecca Harper:

Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker:

Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Whedon:

Rob Lowe as Robert McCallister:

Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden:

Luke MacFarlane as Scotty Wandell:

Sarah Jane Morris as Julia Walker:

Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper:

Sneak peak photos from the Season 3 premiere (Episode 301):

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Esther said...

I love this show! Even if, as you say, the Justin-Rebecca storyline is kind of ridiculous. It just makes the show seem a bit implausible. Ok, I know it's tv, not real life, but it just takes the whole thing a bit too much into the realm of the weird.