Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol - One Sweet Day Or When Idol Guesses Our Second Guessing On Our Second Guesses

Top 7 Results - The Cut from 7 to 6

Well that was a really long hour that tried to build up surprises and suspense from what in the end was really nothing (oh wait, that's every week). All was built up because we all second guessed ourselves, expecting the worst and the American Idol producers toying with that fear to keep us watching. Damnit, it worked too! I'm such a sucker!

With 7 contestants yet again, they split them up into the safe 3 and the bottom 3 with David Archuleta safely in the middle, then giving him the choice to choose the side he thinks is safe with him. And again, the kid follows the predecessor and plays it PR safe by sitting down in the middle. Awww. I know. It's all coached and rehearsed but what else would you do if you were in his spot?

Except, it was pretty obvious that the side David Cook was on would be safe, so when Ryan switched him at the last moment to leave Kristy Lee Cook's group, it implicated them right away. Plus when David Cook sat down with David Archuleta (after a confusing announcement of Carly, David and Jason's safe state by Ryan), I think my heart skipped a little beat. Did we just see a preview of the final 2?

And alas, after week's of hoping, and week's of Kristy Lee Cook surviving another week, we FINALLY got our wish and the country horse loving crooner was booted out, leaving Syesha and Brooke out of the bottom spot. Whew.

I think we all guessed Syesha because we assumed there is enough people dumb enough to vote for Kristy, but alas, America's not so dumb! (Let's hope they vote with their heads again in November!) Yay America! Especially on the week Kristy actually wasn't so bad, ironically enough. Still, after losing Michael John's last week, it's nice to see the proper 6 people make it through to sing the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber next week.

Aw crap.

I hope they all sing songs from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, because that's about the only show of his I like (and maybe a few songs from Evita).

On a side note, the opening group song truly showcased the strong singers from the weak, with Jason Castro (who actually had a good performance night this week) butchering the song and Carly, David and David soaring with Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day":

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Thanks to Rickey for the photos.

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