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American Idol - Broadway Bound or Bust

Top 6 Results - The Cut from 6 to 5

They have a whole selection of songs from musicals, with some songs that are PLANNED as ensembles, and they choose a song that was supposed to be a romantic duet from The Phantom of the Opera (seriously, how much do they have to plug this thing? Hasn't everyone in the world seen it already? Again, also, my theory of why a lot of people think they HATE musicals, because the only one they've probably seen is TPOTO which would make ME HATE musicals if it was the only one I saw, alright, enough ranting... happy thoughts... happy thoughts...) and they have all 6 remaining Idols sing "All I Ask Of You"? Wow, it wasn't good.

Let's watch the mess again!:

It was pretty funny that they sort of admitted that non winners get to go and live on doing Broadway, showing Tamyra Gray do Rent and Clay Aiken do Spamalot.

Then it's Hollywood yet again plugging Leona Lewis. What? Another plug? Who does she know? Who did she ----? I was going to post something about how everyone in Hollywood (and not just Simon) seems to be REALLY pushing her, seems a few someones out there REALLY wants to make sure she's big. She must be the daughter of a mafia guy or something.

Not that she's bad. She's hot and she sings really well and "Bleeding Love" is a pretty good song, but of the two Love songs out there from new female artist, I kinda like Sara Bareilles's "Love Song" a lot more.

Which Love song do people like more? "Bleeding Love" or "Love Song"? (If you don't know them because you live in a bomb shelter, I've posted the videos after the jump).

So after all that filler (and the requisite Ford surrealist video) AND a speech from President Bush (who apparently thinks running the country means appearing on Deal, Or No Deal and Idol this week, no wonder your country is going into the poopers), we finally get to the SHOCKING results.

At least they knew just to trot the David's out and announce their safety right away. Moving on...

So between Syesha, who had a good night singing Webber, and Brooke, who didn't, Brooke is safe! (I really really like Syesha and I think she's got talent but she's usually bland and even last nights that everyone else loved didn't do much for me).

Then Jason and Carly are trotted out and of COURSE, Jason is safe because there HAS to be a Sanjaya/Nikki McKibbon every year and instead, the far superior Carly is in danger. Especially on a night where Carly did well (though again, not for me, I didn't love it as much as everyone else seemed to, but I still think she's awesome).

So in the end, Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado are the bottom two, even though they had "strong" performances this week, but in the end, Syesha, the less interesting of the two, survives another week, and we say goodbye to the Irish lassie, Carly Smithson. I'm shocked and yet I'm not surprised, because usually this is when something like this happens (Tamyra, Daughtry, Hudson etc) and it's already happened a few times this year (Michael Johns, Hernandez to a point).

Next weeks theme: Neil Diamond! Yay! So contemporary!

Was Liberace not available?

Alright, which do we like more? (pssst... SARA BAREILLES... she doesn't have Simon forcing us to like it...):

Sara Bareilles - "Love Song":

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love":

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

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Thanks to Rickey for the photos.

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