Tuesday, February 19, 2008

America, Should I Do Idol?

It's the Top 24 finally this week and this is usually when I join in but I'm dubious this year. Should I do American Idol this year? I caught some of the auditions and bits and parts of Hollywood week and about the only person that I remotely could have picked out to be a Top 10 was David Archuleta.

So the top 12 boys performed tonight, and it was getting tediously mundane with no one even remotely interesting to entice me to come back this year... until cutiepie-jailbait-make-me-feel-like-a-dirty-old-man David Archuleta sang and was by far better than anybody else so far. Now I'm actually excited for someone! Then he became more adorable when he spoke before and after and I just want to squeeze those cheeks! Adorable!

As for the rest:

Looks good, sounds good, really boring: David Hernandez, Jason Yeager (above, what's with the blond streak? Wasn't that so 10 years ago? Speaking of which, how old is his kid? If he's 28, when did he have the kid?), Luke Menard,

Thought would be bad, was actually a'ight: David Cook, Colton Berry

Simon was right, they were totally cringeworthy: Chikezie, Danny Noriega

I would have already forgotten about them if I didn't want to scream "Please get a haircut, trailer trash is NOT back "in" and it does NOT make you "rock"": Robbie Carrico, Garrett Haley, Jason Castro (did I miss something? Why did all the judges love his performance?)

Looks good, Sounds good, Is good: David Archuleta, Michael Johns

So there you have it, the best two men was the youngest and the oldest (David A. and Michael, the Tim Daly look-a-like).

So both Chikezie and Luke Menard auditioned before and never made it. Why would this year bode better? That's not a good sign when former rejects now make the Top 24. It's never turned out well in previous years.

I'm not sure if the girls will fare any better since none stood out from what I've seen so far. Oh crap, will David A. and Michael suck me back in, even when everyone else was pretty boring?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't really watched Idol so far this year, but dcided to give it a go now that we are down to the "good" competition. Last night's performances were just bleh for me. I don't know if it was enough to keep me interested. One more shot tonight.