Thursday, February 14, 2008

Plugging The Ones I Love On Valentine's Day

Okay, time for some shameless plugging again. On Valentine's Day.

First of all, for the New Yorkers out there (or anybody planning to visit in the next month), go check out Traces by Montreal group les 7 doights de la main/ the 7 fingers at the New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street.

For a top price ticket of $35, much cheaper than a ticket nextdoor for Young Frankenstein, you'll get a bigger bang for the buck in this circus show that is like Cirque de Soleil if the local skateboarders in the hood performed it. Of course, it helps that they are all young and hot!

Here was my original review, as well as my Best of Stage 2007 list where it landed in at #4 on my Top 12 list. Check it out and let me know what you think.

For Torontonians (or the poor souls planning to visit us in the next few wintry cold months), the Diesel Playhouse is housing the return of Evil Dead The Musical! Back for its 3rd mounting in Toronto. And starting on Valentine's Day TONIGHT no less! You wanted red on Valentine's Day and they are giving you lots of it, albeit in blood format. (Especially in the Splatter Zone, which is well worth it).

The show is far funnier than you would imagine (so if you are scared of the horror element, don't fret, it's a silly comedy, albeit with lots and lots of blood) and well, in full disclosure my friend co-wrote it and co-directed it so even though I'm required to say it's good, I will anyways despite the connection because, it actually IS really good (in a silly campy way, this ain't no Shakespeare if that's what you're looking for).

(I'll get back to you on a promo code. I thought I remembered it to be something but it's not working for me so let me see if it's still valid)

Now I have nothing associated with this but with Hollywood opening a batch of movies on Valentine's Day today (um, all of which I want to see, including The Spiderwick Chronicles, Definitely, Maybe (both which are getting pretty good reviews actually, with TSC at 78% right now, and DM at 77% (I'm kinda shocked though)), and Jumper (not getting great reviews but I'm still curious)), I'm going to plug Step Up 2 the Streets, the cash grab sequel/repeat to the surprise hit Step Up.

I loved Step Up. Okay, maybe not love, but really really liked, but part of the charm was pairing a Shameless Plug favorite Take the Lead's Jenna Dewan with a then up-and-comer Channing Tatum (well, he still is but now we all turn our heads when we hear that name).

Neither of them which appear in the "sequel" (ahem, redux)... With none of the original writers or director...

But it's a dancing movie. And really, even a bad dancing movie is usually pretty good. (Think about it, what dancing movie is ACTUALLY really good, and then divide that with all the dancing movies you actually like/have on dvd/will rewatch when it airs on TV?).

Plus, so there's no hot Channing Tatum. Instead, we get his She's The Man co-star Robert Hoffman and if you read my blog, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like She's The Man and part of it is the scenes with Tatum and Hoffman, both who ease charm on the screen. Plus, Hoffman is an actual dancer turned actor (instead of vice versa) so this may bode well for the actual dancing scenes in Step Up 2!

Oh yeah, and there's some new girl Briana Evigan in it too. And Cassie.

So let's dance!

Oh, and is that Will Kemp as a teacher? Yes it is! Hot damn. Saw him in Matthew Bourne's The Car Man in London years ago. AMAZING.

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