Monday, February 04, 2008

Friday Night Lights - The Super Bawl

Leave No One Behind - Ep. 214

Okay, let's talk football. Not The Super Bowl. Something better, more emotionally draining and more exciting. Let's talk Panthers and the town of Dillon! Because my guess is most of you sports fans are still not watching Friday Night Lights and it's time to get on with the game and join the best series on television! And if you are only into The Super Bowl for the commercials, well, Friday Night Lights has commercials too!

How funny was a depressed Matt joining Tim Riggins at his usual watering hole as they become best beer buddies? Loved when Lyla and Chris (Matt Czuchry) showed up and Riggins gets jealous as Matt gets Jewish (greeting them drunkily with "Shalom!")

Or how funny was Tami trying to teach Julie how to drive? When will people learn? Teaching your kids to drive NEVER goes well.

Or how funny/sad was it when Tyra got jealous of Jean as two opposite blondes (the sexy siren vs the freaky cool girl) are after the gawky blonde Landry?

But it all gets devolves into a few teary moments when things start unravelling in Dillon.

Teary moment of the week #1: When Matt starts breaking down after Eric Taylor gives some tough love, pushing a drunken Matt into the tub and turning on the water after Grandma hurt herself as Matt had been out getting drunk. At a strip club no less.

The water keeps flowing as Matt accuses everyone of leaving him, from Eric leaving the team last year for his college gig (with the only great father figure he had around), Julie leaving him for another guy, Carlotta leaving the country, Smash leaving the team (albeit unwillingly), his father leaving him for a job. Matt's been left harshly alone to take care of Grandma and Eric finally realizes the cracking point that Matt has finally hit.

Landry abruptly breaks up with Jean after Tyra finally professes her love to Landry WHILE Landry is still on a date with Jean after Jaws 2. The hunt WAS on.

With all her new volleyball coaching duties, Tami forgets to show up for Julie's driving test, embittering an already embittered Julie.

Finally, as if Matt's breakdown wasn't enough, Smash gets a letter from TMU revoking their offer because of Smash's "questionable character" after the movie theatre incident and the aftermath.

Teary Moment of the Week # 2: With TMU being Smash's ticket out of poverty, Corina comforts him by standing by him, while Smash tries to rally up the energy of the Panthers before completely breaking down in the lockerroom alone.

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