Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blindsided with Island Confusion - Lost and Survivor

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs. Favorites - The Sounds of Jungle Love - Ep. 1602
Lost - The Economist - Ep. 403

I missed most of Survivor but I caught the best part of the show, when someone is completely blindsided and voted off the island, with the reactionary dumbfounded shot by their alliance member as we also get the smirky smile from the mastermind. Classic. And it's only episode 2. So so long Mary. I didn't even realize you were on the island until just before you get voted off. You're kinda like Paulo and Nikki aren't you?

Meanwhile, on Lost, the other show about survival on an island (albeit a much better one but that is strangely a nice cross network pairing that I'm not sure why they've never thought of. But ah well, it'll be a island survival sandwhich come April when Lost gets the post Grey's Anatomy slot at 10pm creating ABC's strongest (in buzz and quality if not numbers exactly yet) lineup in years.):

Sayid just shot a man on a golf course in the future. What the hell is going on already? BTW, my Lost "recaps" are more just note taking to help me understand all the confusion. They probably make no sense to anyone else, not that the show does either.

So back on the island, Sayid agrees to bring back Charlotte from being captured by Locke, in agreement to be taken off the island to become one of the Oceanic 6. So that makes Sayid, Hurley. And I would assume Jack & Kate since they are seen in the future off the island (though I'm thinking, are they all part of the "Oceanic 6"? Wouldn't Kate still be arrested? They don't just pardon someone because of a plane crash do they?)

Now flash forward (?) again and Sayid's in Berlin? Sayid is doing his best James Bond impression with the sexy German lady, then something about bosses and such.

On the island, Jack sends Kate to go with Sayid and Miles (Ken Leung) in their search for Locke and co.

Hurley isn't kosher with Locke's intentions and is left behind (to be found by the new search team).

And Daniel is off in his own world conducting an experiment with Lapidus (Jeff Fahey looking a bit like Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice) and Jack watching all the weirdness, especially when something apparently sent from the boat, doesn't actually arrive. Or at least on time. Is there a time fracture in the continuum on the island? And like I always say... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? (and loving every confusing minute of it!)

Love Jeremy Davies as Daniel so far. In fact, so far I love all the newbies.

Meanwhile we also find out the newbies barely know each other, mostly meeting on the boat, according to Miles. While, Sayid and Hurley wonder out loud whether Miles and co. have been sent to kill them or not.

Then as Kate, Sayid and Miles explore the house they found Hurley in, in The Othersville, Sawyer walks in and the whole trap unravels with Sayid at Locke's gunpoint. Hurley, I'm shocked!

Sayid goes to Otherjail with Ben.

Kate is Sawyer's "captive". Saywer joined Locke because he has nothing to go back to, and question why Kate does.

Okay, so after Sayid makes a trade with Locke for Charlotte (leaving behind Miles and Kate), he returns to Lapidus who is being grilled by Desmond for confirmation whether Penny was their boss or not.

In the future, Sayid cautions the German girl Ilsa about her boss, then she blindsides Sayid and shoots Sayid, revealing herself to be some sort of secret agenty thing. This IS James Bond. Sayid is shot, then shoots to kill Ilsa, and flash forward in the episode...

Sayid who fulfilled his promise to save Charlotte from Locke, gets the helicopter ride off the island (leaving behind Charlotte and Daniel who choose to stay.. hmm), then flash forward AGAIN, and the injured Sayid is being cleaned up by his boss... Ben LINUS? I mean. I knew it. but. Let the confusion begin continue! And loving every minute of it!

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