Friday, February 29, 2008

Who Are Those Hotties? - The Main Reasons To Have Watched Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle Edition

Cashmere Mafia - Dog Eat Dog - Ep. 107 - Season (Series?) Finale?
Lipstick Jungle - Nothing Sacred - Ep. 102, Pink Poison - Ep. 103

While I'm talking about hotties all week long, I decided to catch up with the Sex and the City replacements (let's face it, you can argue all you want that they are different but really, they are trying to replace it) and the bevy of hot men they stuff the shows with (and sadly, the best reason to watch both shows).

I finally caught up with the last Cashmere Mafia and while it is VERY far from perfect, I think I might actually miss it if it doesn't come back. They just can't end the show on Lucy Liu's Mia's butt as she's walking her new stinky dog in the park? Can it?

And although she basically killed off her relationship with Jason (Jack Yang) which was something refreshing to see, Mia was always a likable character, partly surprising since Lucy Liu is sometimes a hard nut to crack.

Then I still want to see more of Chris Beetem and see which way Caitlin decides to swing this week.

Plus, between casting Tony Award winner Christine Ebersole and throwing in Broadway up and comer (and hottie) Michael Arden (as he waits for The Return of Jezebel James to start at SOME point on Fox), the show has been kind to Broadway actors with guest spots for everyone who isn't filming guest spots on Law & Order.

And if Cashmere Mafia won't cast them, then you can probably find them on Lipstick Jungle where Xanadu's Kerry Butler is playing a sweet but secretly conniving bitch! (Compare that to her role in the musical Xanadu! Which you all should go see!)

While I never liked Lipstick Jungle as much as Cashmere Mafia, i will say the second and third episode haven't been as bad as the pilot but really, the best reason to watch Lipstick Jungle is for a guest spot from Robert Buckley (best known from the MyTV soaps like Fashion House which I actually caught a few times. Sad. I know).

Yes, total quality television. I think they've repeated the steamy scene between Buckley's Kirby and Nico (Kim Raver who was never that sweaty running around with Jack Bauer) about 12 times already within the 2 new episodes. It makes sense since it's the best part of the show.


Just to prove it to you, a couple more pictures after the jump to prove my point.

Thanks to Squarehippies for the Robert Buckley screencaps. Head there for even MORE screencaps, practically every 2 seconds worth it seems!

Honestly, I don't remember much from the rest of the show. Something about strong successful women?

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