Friday, February 15, 2008

Catch Up On The Cable Shows! On Network TV!

The cable shows are taking over! Okay, well mostly in Canada (where CTV already runs The Sopranos and Nip/Tuck (currently Fridays at 10pm on CTV) edit-free).

Dexter will start airing this Sunday, Feb. 17 on CBS and CTV at 10pm in a slightly edited version for network TV. I still haven't gotten around to watching it but have been told it's excellent. Though I wonder if CTV will air the same edited version as CBS since they don't edit the other cable shows?

In Canada, Showcase will finally start airing Damages starting Monday, Feb. 18 at 10pm.

CTV still hasn't scheduled Mad Men yet but I hope it's soon because you all have to catch up. The show is AMAZING. It's currently re-running on AMC on Sundays at Midnight (or is that Monday at 12:00?)

Global started airing Big Love last week on Thursdays at 10pm but I still haven't had time to catch up with that either and have all the discs still sitting here (along with The Wire but with the delay in returning shows from the strike, I may finally have time soon (along with my life calming down soon (I hope))).

On the non-cable news:

So You Think You Can Dance is coming back May 22nd!!! WOOHOO!!! OMG! YES!

There's all the lists floating around the web already about the post-writer's strike schedule which I've posted on the Tapeworthy sidebar from all the info that I can deduce so far. Though mostly, it's going to be a waiting game until April.

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Anonymous said...

IMO, any Dexter is better than no Dexter at all. It is a must watch, even on CBS.