Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Was That Hottie? - Jon McLaughlin Edition

Loved Amy Adams performing at the Oscars, it was nice to see Kristin Chenowith break out from the Tony's and into the Oscars, with both lovely ladies doing Enchanted songs (and hopefully we will see Kristin at the Emmy's for Pushing Daisies), and loved the Once song (and the win) but all the girls were asking on Monday... who was THAT GUY that sang that last Enchanted song "So Close"?

I'm glad Jon McLaughlin got a bit more of the limelight, singing the Disney ballad that harked back to the mini-renaissance of the good Disney musicals back in the early 90's, but really, I'm just glad we got to see Jon McLaughlin! Yes I'm shameless! Don't you know that already?

I loved his song "Beautiful Disaster" last year enough that I put it on my Best of Music 2007 list, and then he appeared in the background singing "So Close" in the movie Enchanted that was just soooooo dreamy... (I found the clip online, it's after the jump, though I'm sure it'll be taken down soon enough) which he re-created for the Oscar telecast earlier this week.

More pictures and the video clip from the movie after the jump:

Here's a link to Jon McLaughlin's other new single "Industry".

Here's a video of Jon McLaughlin's song "For You From Me" from Indiana as a video tribute to Indianapolis:

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