Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Jetlag Gayed Me Do It - YouTube and Other Classy Atrocities

So I couldn't sleep last night because of the jetlag coming back overseas and what started off as an attempt to check out the lastest Broadway Backward clips online (including a duet between HIMYM's Neil Patrick Harris and boyfriend David Burtka, as well as a duet with Xanadu hunk Cheyenne Jackson with Rent's Anthony Rapp) and catching up with Andrew's Vlog (Andrew Keenan-Bolger (who has GOT to be a theatre queen? no?), who adorably plays Leaf Coneybear in the touring version of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee The Musical), ended up turning into an all-night marathon around youtube including finding classic old gay clips from the genius soft core porn for teens that was MTV's Undressed (seriously, what happened to that? talk about trashy addictive TV heroin). I've posted "Athletes in Love" and "Gay College Student" after the jump!

I did watch some classy stuff via ModFab where he's posted all the Academy Award nominated Animated Shorts.

Then I found Josh Groban's performances in the benefit concert of the musical Chess from LA in 2003 (which he is repeating in London this year in May with Idina "Wicked/Rent/Taye Diggs wife" Menzel that I SOOOOO want to go to) that also co-starred Sutton Foster (who will now play Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical on Broadway), Raul Esparza (who was simply amazing in Company that will be on most PBS stations next Wed. Feb. 20th), and Adam Pascal (Rent). But I'll post that in a separate post cause that's classy sh!t and this is about the crappy stuff I watched Tuesday.

Then, when I finally woke up midday, I was so dizzy and deluded that I ended up watching the premiere of the latest season/desperate-CBS-filler Big Brother 'Til Death Do You Part (above, classy no?), even after I ranted and raved about boycotting the show for the writer's strike sake (and our own humanity for that matter, but oh well, I'm in Canada so my number's don't REALLY count in the end so I'm off the hook)). Wow, so trashy, this time with people paired up with their "soulmates" meaning everyone in the house is supposedly single (well, there was one couple but they were split up with their own separate soulmates, doh). Plus, everyone was attractive, and by attractive I mean they were young, mostly white, not fat with decent haircuts so by cultural terms, yes, "attractive".

Anyways, I admit, I WAS curious and since there was two gay guys coupled up, they suckered me in (they really CAN get us to watch by throwing the token gays in can't they? I'm such a whore (uh, for the gays on TV excuse me very much)) since Joshuah (above) was kinda hot and I'll watch anything with attractive people (see Gossip Girl). I think it's the hair. I know. I'm so cliched.

Anyways, I'm not going to recap it and the Big Brother Trifecta is just a trifecta that is ignoring the show since Dick unfairly won, and if Sheila and Adam win, well, I'll continue ignoring it (because already they've been SOOOO classy in the opening episode being totally disgusted with each other as each other's soulmates picks (um, isn't this a game? Use it to your advantage to win the game and ignore the love thing, you losers, it's not like CBS is forcing you to marry them after (or are they?)).

I also checked out some of the American Idol auditions and there's a lot of super young cute and gayish jailbait's in the running this year, with what seems like a very young crop that seems to be doing well and getting attention. There are still too many to figure out so I'll let it whittle down to the Top 24 next week before I decide if I'm going to stick around this season.

As for the classy gay stuff on youtube, you can't beat MTV's Undressed so here is "Athlete's in Love", man I love this stuff:

And here's "Gay College Student":

and okay, I must try to find more of this crap. I used to love watching Undressed marathons, usually when I was stuck in an American hotel for work (we never got that show in Canada until after it was already cancelled). I was never sure if I was supposed to actually be turned on or laugh.

Meanwhile, um, here's some more pics of Joshuah;

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