Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost - Kate and Allies

Eggtown - Ep. 404

Locke is making eggs for an imprisoned Ben. Ooh, eggs, I love eggs. I can eat eggs anytime of the day. Speaking of which, maybe I'll go make some. Eggscellent! Some brain food to help me figure this whole enigma of the show as I take my notes to help myself understand Lost.

Kate is still stuck with Sawyer and then we flash forward to future Kate and her whole trial for all the bad things she did before getting stuck on the island. Oh, I guess I was wrong. I tried.

So it's a Kate episode. Yay! I know most people seem to hate Kate episodes and Kate but personally they intrigue me. Maybe it's because Evangeline Lilly is Canadian. We're a tight country here!

So after Kate meets with Miles who wants a minute with "you know who" for information on everything he knows about her.

And apparently, there actually IS more to know about her, as her future lawyer (Shawn Doyle, doing good since his CDN television days) advises her to use her son to save her defense case. EXCUSE ME? Meanwhile, back on the island, Kate is fearful of connecting with Claire's baby Aaron.

So instead of Kate's son, Jack is brought as a character witness, where his cross examination reveals that he does not love Kate, at least, not anymore. OOOOOOOOOOOH.

Back on the island, Kate asks Sawyer for help to bust Ben out. But before Sawyer and Locke could consult (with Sawyer sweetly asking for Locke to keep Kate safe), Kate and Miles are running in the dark and busting Ben out themselves, or at least I think so since it was too dark for that whole sequence to tell.

All that so Miles can extort Ben for $3.2Million to keep his location a secret. What the? Apparently someone wants Ben, and someone wants to know he's alive. But Miles knows his stuff, and knows all about Katherine Ann Austin and all of her priors.

Locke catches Kate and Miles, and Kate is no longer welcome in Eggsville.

Back in the future, Kate's mom (Beth Broderick) appears, as the main witness against Kate, and she's sick, been dying for 4 years, and willing to not testify but wants to see her grandson.

Now Sawyer is shirtless back on the island as Kate tells him of her banishment by Locke.

Jack is trying to call the boat but getting nothing and interrupts Charlotte and Daniel playing a memory game (and apparently Daniel's memory sucks, getting only 2 out of the 3 playing cards correctly memorized, except, personally, I feel his pain because that's about my own memorization skill level). Charlotte gives Jack a secret in-case-of-emergency number for the boat which they call, to find out how Sayid and Lapidus might be doing, but they know nothing about the helicopter, thinking that it was still with them on the island. Holy time warp batman!

Miles is tied up and hung in some shack as Locke shoves a live grenade in his mouth, with Miles bite as the only thing preventing the explosion. Sweet Jesus, isn't Miles supposed to be a new character for this season?

Kate is in bed with Sawyer and tells him that she's not pregnant (oh sure).

Is it Jack's? Kate gets a deal for 10 years probation and time served when the prosecution's case falls apart, and gets to escape through the garage, where Jack's there to meet her, in a hello-Emmy-can-you-see-us emotional performance where the two hints at the past, a possible future, and the child that keeps them apart (oh, because Jack lied on the stand).

So Kate is free! A free to return to her blond son, Aaron. SAY WHAT??? Now that was the wrong egg that never occurred to me.

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