Monday, February 18, 2008

Brothers & Sisters - Sing It, Don't Say It

Compromises - Ep. 212

I don't really have much to say this week except basically the same thing, any scenes with Kevin and Scotty and co. (Sarah and her new gay best friends (Scotty's friends who think Kevin is a bit stiff)) were hilariously fantastic.

Rachel Griffiths thankfully makes the could-be-tedious divorce stuff into something genuinely touching and while I'm still not sure if I buying her chemistry with Steven Weber's Graham, (I think I still would have liked to see her with that one-night-stand that got locked blocked instead since there was major chemistry going on there), Griffith's makes anything interesting.

Kevin should never karaoke again. But Scotty was adorably tolerant about it.

Side question: why is the gardener (The OC) Nicholas Gonzalez there as one of Scotty's gay friends?

Thank goodness Kitty is back because last week, with her mostly missing except the few scenes in the car, reminded me that there's a reason Calista Flockhart became a star despite being a whiny Ally McBeal. She still has that something that makes her shine on screen, even when she gets sick and gets stuck becoming babysitter to Robert's sick and annoying kids. Loved that she called herself on the fact that she WAS the evil step-mother after the kids flooded the bathroom.

And thank goodness there was no Tommy/Julia talk or Justin/Lena talk. Or really, no Lena, who really dragged all the characters she interacted with into a blackhole story vacuum.

Another possible blackhole vacuum?:

Are they really trying to go there with Rebecca and Holly? Is Ken Olin really being hinted that HE may actually be Rebecca's real father and thus not a Walker at all? AH... don't cut the connection? Yes, it'll make Holly a threat/drama again and Rebecca could thus date Justin (ew) but I REALLY hope they aren't going there.

Please just bring Rebecca back to the Walkers since she has a better rapport with Nora than Holly and Holly and Nora create better sparks than anything.

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