Monday, February 11, 2008

Brothers & Sisters - He Said It, I Didn't

The Missionary Imposition - Ep. 211

Okay, there's Sally Field playing cute with Danny Glover as Nora finally goes on a proper date with Isaac and things go extremely well.

There's Kitty in a limo with a sick Trevor (Denis O'Hare because he's everywhere nowadays) listening to Nora's angst and playing motherly advice columnist to her mother.

There's Rachel Griffiths playing cute with Steven Weber as Sarah and Graham play coy while continuing their business deal with the Chinese (with the funniest moment when Sarah discovers that Graham IS their Chinese translator).

There's the ugliness of Tommy and Julia's continuing saga of the affairs each had during their "break" and Lena discovering that Tommy really does have a connection with her but not feelings, and Lena quitting just as Holly gives her the-other-woman advice.

But really, this whole episode was really about Jason's return, his meeting with Kevin, and Scotty imposing himself "accidentally" on the reunion we've all been waiting for. And then bringing crustaceans to eat, then asking Jason to stay for lunch/dinner/whatever it is when it's in the middle of the afternoon much to Kevin's dismay.

Missionary imposition says it all.

How awkward was the whole thing?

How funny was the whole thing?

How hot was the whole thing?

How dramatically emotional was the whole thing?

How much do I love Scotty (Luke MacFarlane as cute as ever and bf to Wentworth Miller in real life?)? Or Kevin? Even Jason but I'm on team Scotty. (Not that I would be against a Team Scotty AND Jason... hehe. I know. Just prolonging the stereotype and giving more fodder for the crazy religious conservatives).

So Kevin and Jason finally get a chance to resolve their issues (Jason didn't call because it would hurt him more to be reminded of the hotness of Kevin that he was missing, Kevin was annoyed he didn't call and that Jason chose God over him, Jason chose God over Kevin when Kevin abruptly broke up with Jason over the phone. Got all that?)

All this as Scotty sits their looking on. Uh, AWKWARD! (and hilarious!)

So Kevin being Kevin is angry. Scotty decides to leave. Jason and Kevin are over.

Kevin finds Scotty sleeping in his car and apologizes and admits that Scotty's imposition on Jason's visit was kinda hot and made Kevin proud.

Yada yada, they make up, Scotty gets to move back in and they get to have makeup makeout kissing. Woohoo!

Next week (in the last pre-strike episode), Sarah and the gang go to a Karaoke club. The Walkers? In a Karoake club? I'm assuming with alcohol? Fantastic!

Thanks to AfterElton for the pics that I stole borrowed permanently for the cyberworld.

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