Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Brother.

Um, how did I forget to mention that Daddy Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) was on Brothers & Sisters as well this week? And that he's being coyly set up to be Saul's new boyfriend?

What the?

Daddy Mars and Sloan? An item? As Dan from TiFaux informed me of the pairing, that's just... weird.

Anyways, other than meeting the fantastic Liz from GlowyBox and Dan from TiFaux in person (who were even cooler and attractive in person than I could have hoped but I guess it makes sense since it matches their awesome blogs and I'm not just saying that to suck up), my life is a changing a bit this week as I start a new job today, one where I might actually have to do some work (and not blog all day because I know I can get away with it... ahem). So I may be a little sporadic in my blogging over the next while (at least there isn't that much new TV to report on anyways), especially this week since I've been slowly moving into my new place over the last two weeks but now I must REALLY make the final move, now that I have to start working again (ah, nothing puts pressure on procrastination like time running out)(and that's in addition to my weekend side gig) and the pressure is on.

On the good news side, it's on a project with a two time Oscar winner and a critically acclaimed indie movie director. The bad news is that I'm still just a small plebe in the clogs of the movie biz so it won't be me standing at the Oscar podium in 2010. (You'll just have to wait until about 2018 to see the real me, I'll find a way! Even if I have to rush the stage).

So I guess with a (most likely) future scheduling conflict, I won't be returning to the Canadian TV show I was working on (which I will publicly say was NOT Battlestar Galactica just to save people the possible excitement and then letdown (sorry Dan, plus, technically BS is not Canadian. Our budgets would only allow for Battlestar A Bit)) for the past 2 years (just after I started this blog) so I'm not sure what's going to happen this year. Then again, I did start this blog on a previous film (with 2 Oscar nominees in front of the screen and one behind! Just saying) and we were bored out of our minds then (everything was actually going right so my job of essentially being there for emergencies basically gave us a lot of free time) so maybe I will have the time here, though it's not sounding like it.

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