Sunday, February 03, 2008

TV Blog Coalition - The End Is Near...

for Football season. The writer's strike!?? For any semblance of organization in my life.

My flight came in 8 hours late last night at 1am. Joy. It's Super Bowl Sunday. Joy. (Actually, I don't mind the images of Tom Brady and Eli Manning constanting flying around everwhere. So maybe. Actual Joy! Wait, it's Eli in the Super Bowl right? Not Peyton? See how much I know about football?). I must rush off now to see the Opera and then run to the Spice Girls concert (Real Joy!) and then I'm back on a plane tomorrow morning for the rest of the week (joy), so I may be a little slow on the blogging this week (and I'm still recovering from my cough a little bit. Ain't life grand?). I've been so busy I haven't even had time to help write for/promote "Adopt a Writer" which has several new interviews with striking writers so check it out. On the good news side, apparently reports are good for the end of the writers strike. So by the time I have time to adopt-a-writer, they may not need to be anymore! Let's hope!

So again, I would love to write individual posts (and I will still try to) for the brilliant Friday Night Lights this week ("Shalom!") or that I've been catching up with Ptoject Runway fashionably late (um. WHAT THE HELL? Why is -1- still there while -2- (who was never a pleasant person, yes. was annoying and not Chloe but still) and -3- (who was totally wrongly axed) and -4- (who got the bum rush)). In case you want to know the blanks, it's after the jump at the bottom of the post. (But in Canada it's still behind so I'm going to keep it mum for now).

Anyways. In the meantime while I'm gone again, catch up with our fellow TV Coalition bloggers!

Buzz suggested some books for fans missing their Gossip Girl, Brothers & Sisters, Heroes, and more. (BuzzSugar)

This week, Daemon's TV introduced their new regular feature, DVR (Daemon Video Recap), a fun video recap chipmunk-style of your favorite TV shows. (Daemon's TV)

Liz enjoyed a hefty dose of manufactured drama (with some crazy bitch, to boot) on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. (Glowy Box)

Be it mere Sports Night nostalgia or something greater, Mikey is digging Thursday's session with In Treatment. (Mikey Likes TV)

Marcia explained why Supernatural is one of the most underrated shows on television. (Pop Vultures)

Feeling nostalgic, Rae recalled favorite childhood TV shows and moments from Buffy and Dawson's Creek among others with a TV meme. (RTVW)

For those that want to relive the show before its second season premiere March 2nd or if you just need some scripted television to watch before it goes the way of the dinosaur, Scooter is giving away Dirt Season 1 starring Courteney Cox on DVD. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

Vance admits to liking guilty pleasures like the movie 27 Dresses, the new single by OneRepublic and the TV show Carpoolers. Yes, Vance is that one person watching that show. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace was all about Lost, with exclusive interviews with Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Emerson, and Yunjin Kim, advance reviews, and morning-after analysis. (Televisionary)

TiFaux got naughty and kinky this week by offering up the Top Ten TV-Related Safe Words. (TiFaux)

Tube Talk celebrated the new season of Lost with a hilarious parody starting the Lost action figures.(Tube Talk

Raoul found out the crazy things people say when they file complaints to the FCC about your favorite shows (TV Filter)

Thanks to some shameless in show advertising, the TV Addict deems NBC "Nothing But Commercials" (

Project Runway Spoilers (um. if you're in Canada):

Yea, so what the hell is 1. Ricky still doing there? AND winning the latest competition? Okay. it WAS really nice. Finally. but FINALLY. After weeks and weeks of meh.
2. Victorya perfected the whole passive agressive self righteousness but she was still a decent designer.
3. Kit. I didn't think it was that bad.
4. Kevin totally got screwed though you did want to kick him for not just hemming the damn thing.

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