Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - It's Because I Didn't Call, Wasn't It?

Okay, I'm back, a little sick still, but will be back to my desk job tomorrow with full attention... so that I can figure out... WHAT THE HECK HAPPENNED IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE?

2 weeks ago, things were finally seemingly going to plan again as Kail was getting booted after a few weeks of disappointing ousters. Then Danielle and Dick were furious at Eric and defected from the LNC in their downward spiral, but then Dustin is gone now and Danielle is back in charge (with Evil Dad) teaming up with Jessica and Eric? WHA??? I almost can't take it anymore and starting not to care. I mean, my favorite right now to win has become the religious girl Jameka? Really? Me? Wow...

QTA is here to help explain it all to me after another whirlwind of a Big Brother Sunday episode and to explain why there is so much hatred in the house? (America voting to kick Dustin off didn't help either)

QTA: "I never thought I would start any post with a quote from "She who must go on meds!" but the above title says it all for me. This season of Big Brother has turned into the most hateful, predictable, and boring reality show ever! So as I watch Daniele march her way to the win... picking off the strongest players as she goes... I find myself needing to "pull it together" just to keep my commitment to you good people... and complete my task.

Onto the show...

Eric has become delusional... losing his focus to "America" and Evil Dick. I about lost my dinner when I watched him and Zach play a "bet" filled drinking game in order to have an excuse to dress up in women's clothing... ugh... straight boys (qta rolls eyes)." ... Continue reading at QTA

I'll be back on Tuesday for full Veto report and ModFab will return Thursday on eviction night.

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