Wednesday, August 22, 2007

American Idol on Canadian Idol

Of ALL the years the deity herself had to come, Kelly Clarkson had to come visit Canadian Idol THIS YEAR? The year with the crappiest contestants and on a week where everybody good had already been booted off? (Particularly country girl last week and Greg Neufeld the week before?) Seriously, we actually DO have some good talent and some previous years were actually quite good, but this year just makes us look BAD.

First of all. Kelly Clarkson came to be on Canadian Idol? Just how bad is her album doing? (Apparently it's gone platinum in Canada since she was awarded the plaque on the show last night though so maybe she's just coming to where her sales are happening?).

(On a completely side note, another American, Anika Noni Rose (Tony Award for Caroline, Or Change, Dreamgirls) has been signed on to play Cleopatra to Christopher Plummer's Ceasar in Ceasar and Cleopatra for Stratford up here in Ontario next year! I'm actually a bit shocked!)

Still, Kelly returned to her Idol roots and made for a good teacher. Too bad the 5 left are mediocre at best. She looked unconfortable watching from the seats, seeing how horrific this years crop has turned out, despite her best efforts to guide them along. Notice her attempt at a smile above? Poor Kelly. Forced to watch our lame attempt at CanCon.

At this point, Brian Melo (above) will probably win, which is funny because any other year, he would have probably been one of the first guys voted off, but at this point, is the strongest of a weak bunch (though points for singing Radiohead on Idol). Carly Rae Jepsen (below) is too inconsistent. Sometimes she's brilliant, sometimes she's god-awful. Anyways, at least Matt Rapley is off now. He was WAY-Overated.


Anonymous said...

Personally I've really liked Carly Rae's performances throughout. Very disappointed that she got kicked off tonight although unsurprised. Can't believe the cheap Elvis imitator is still around. Brian's good also and I too gave him some extra points for singing Radiohead.

Vance said...

Jaydee belongs in an Ambercrombie catalog, or cast in the remake of The Children of the Corn. I can't believe he's still in this thing to win it. Scary. I guess Brian is a shoo-in to win this thing eh? (I hope)