Monday, August 20, 2007

Dance Billy Dance! Billy. Broadway. 09 17 08

I'll eventually get to my great big Broadway post but I just had to post this because it wasn't there when we first got there but we noticed it Saturday night in Shubert Alley and I essentially jumped for joy just like the boy in the poster.

But wait. 2008. EIGHT? SEPTEMBER??? WHA???

Either way, it's worth the wait. The London production of Billy Elliot The Musical with the original cast was AMAZING and I was just astounded by the amount of talent the kids they found to play Billy, Michael and the little girl had. Simply astounded. Brilliant as the British say. Simply brilliant. I just wonder how many of the Briticisms are going to carry over to the Broadway production?

So, Imperial Theatre. I guess that theatre will be pretty busy for a while and not be seeing any other new productions for a while (at least I hope so).

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