Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Much Ado About Nothing, Well, Nothing Except America's Choices And De Plane De Plane

Wow. Where do I start? In Big Brother's continuation of this week's saga of a Blonde Woman Scorned all because she was TOLD to vote out her lover, er, boyfriend, er, hot guy she flirted with, Daniele (who is in desperate need of her own backbone, muscle, or bodyfat) needs the help of creepy Zach for her plan of action to succeed.

What was the plan again? Oh yeah, to get Eric, America's Player, out of the house because a plane in the sky (though it could have been a falling star and it probably would have worked) told her that he lied, and all things clicked that Eric set up Nick, then planned to set up Daniele. It's all hilarious because it's all too clever for skittery Eric (who was all kind of hot and bothered defending Daniele against Jen in the HOH competition). After loving/getting annoyed at Eric over the weeks, I felt bad for him again on Sunday, though considering he's making a few thousand bucks for every 5-10 America's Choice tasks completed, he probably should have covered his tracks better and not gunned for Nick before being told he had to vote Kail out. Oops. Our bad! So poor Eric is going to be backdoored by Daniele because he saved her while she voted her out. Wait. Isn't there something wrong with that sentence? As Charlie Brown would say. Good Grief.

So the LNC gang (who are SO NOT like the Nerd Herd, um, they are closer to Janelle, Howie and Kaysar's gang in my books), stick together to go against ex-LNC'ers Danielle and Evil Dick. Which is all again really hilarious because yet again, Kail, Jen and Zack, the outsiders, are about to get another free week if all goes to plan. Didn't everyone want them out since the first 2 weeks? Wha' happened?

Eric needs the LNC gang to win the veto to keep him safe, but only Jameka and Dustin are chosen to play along with HOH Danielle, nominees Jen and Kail, and Zach. In probably the best Veto game to date this season, "Numbers Don't Lie", it's a bidding war to see who is willing to do what the most, with the bidder who bid the least, automatically out of the game. Dustin is out first, unwilling to sacrifice his wardrobe for a bunny suit for Eric. The entire remaining gang is willing to dump the funk (a nasty manure smelling concoction) over themselves every hour for 24 hours and gives up $10000 free cash.

Then it is bidding for hours on slop over the next 30 days. Ew. Zach is out with less than half the 720 hours Kail and Jen are willing to do. Then in the biggest shocker, the bid is to give up up to 5 chances to play in the HOH competition, and Kail and Jameka bid all 5 chances, while Jen puts 4, Daniele puts 3, making Daniele out. That means Kail and Jameka just gave up playing in the HOH competition until September. Wow. Jameka IS loyal. She's probably in a safe enough position to give it up, but I'm still shocked. Finally, the last bid is to give up up to $250k of the final prize money to win Veto and Jameka isn't loyal enough, leaving Jen to win, with Kail just a tiny bit short (if you're going to bid $249k and change, why not just bit it all?). So Jen wins, which falls right into Dick and Daniele's plan. Eric is screwed.

Did Jameka just say "Crap is Crap" or "Crack is Crack" in describing Daniele as a liar and still the product of Evil Dick? Either or, it works and it's hilarious. For a religious girl, she sure calls them out so blatantly and so I will still love her for that, despite all the crying for help from god after the veto competition.
Evil Dick continues his rant against Eric. Boy he sure does fume. I would maybe side with him if he didn't get so angry for thinking the worst so fast and basically becoming the biggest asshole in the house. Jen convinces Dick all too easily that Eric was in an alliance with her, tells Jessica, who confirms it with a lying Jen, leaving Jessica feeling like she's been played the fool by Eric (which she hasn't, and boy, maybe Jen IS a smart cookie as she plays Jessica and Evil Dick to a T). Jameka and Dustin don't buy it though because it all falls into place to secure Eric's ouster while saving Jen (and Evil Dick and Danielle).

I'm sure Eric is THRILLED to see America's Players newest challenge but luckily he's given the easy task to tell Jessica that he wants to take her to the final two, and probably in doing so, convincing her that he's actually a good guy (just with a huge nervous tick).

Meanwhile, Evil Dick continues AGAIN his ranting rampage against Eric (which is seriously stressing me out now just watching his veins pop out), and Dustin and Kail call out Daniele for following Daddy's commands and not being her own woman (and how cute has Dustin been being all macho protective about his LNC gang?). But alas, when Jen takes herself off the block, Daniele puts up Eric for nomination, which also leaves Kails' supposedly safe nomination in more danger than when Jen was up, and also leaves Zach and Jen in the house for yet another week. If we lose Eric this week, that will be 3 cute dudes in a row. My eyes are rolling as I shake my head in disappointment.

Find out how the house implodes on Thursday as ModFab reports on the ouster, then head to QTA on Sunday for the next set of nominations. Oh, and since America's player is on the line, who should he suck up to before Thursday?

Live feed picture from Jackie of The (TV) Show Must Go On.


Anonymous said...

Daniele and ED are both disgusting, and I hop we're rid of their reign of terror soon.

Hopefully, the America's Player task to tell Jessica that indicates 'we' have started to get who his allies in the house are.

Vance said...

ED has become quite the little dictator abolishing anything in his way hasn't he? Funny that he tries to call out Eric. What's that about the black kettle?

I will give kudos to Eric though for not spilling the beans about America's Player. by now, I would have totally caved and explained to Jess, Dustin and Jameka why he did what he did (not that it would have totally helped either since they would probably question him on his reward for being AP).

Anonymous said...

I like ED and Jen for the kick they put into BB. It wouldn't be as fun if they weren't there.

Eric is hot. Bah. Gag. Ew. He creeps me out with that raised eyebrow thing and his wanna-be mohawk.

I hope he's gone this week. He's whining because ED and Danielle are on to him. Suck it up, whiner. Get over yourself. You're taking the money to do what we say -- no matter what position that puts you in. And then you lie about it when people ask. Why not just step up and say, "Yep, I did it." That would take the wind out of ED's sails. But nope, you have to act aggrieved when you're really guilty.

Uhhh...end of rant. Really. :-)