Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Boys - Ryan Reynolds

Douchebag in the City - Does not refer to Ryan Reynolds, just a part he plays...

Did anybody catch Ryan Reynolds in his cameo on My Boys last night? What's up with that? I was excited but then, it was really only one scene.

Then they had to go into a spoof of Sex and the City which was part hilarious and part sad (because they had to spoof something 5 years too late) .

Meanwhile his new movie The Nines, opening this weekend, is getting some good reviews so far. Plus it stars Gilmore Girls Melissa McCarthy (Sookie!)! and Hope Davis! You know, cause that's the only reason I would want to see it.

Considering he's actually slowly building some respectability (uh. seriously. maybe not), I'm surprised he went back to TV right now, since I'm still trying to shake him off from the 2 Guys and a Pizza Place days (which I actually did love in the same way I love Saved By The Bell).

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Anonymous said...

WHo would've thought that 1 guys & a pizza place would launch such respectable stars? The other guy, you'll recall, was Nathan Fillion.

And when did he get all buff? I've never even seen that crazy V muscle in the lower back- did he just discover a new one? too far reynolds... too far...