Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh Who Are We Kidding, We Just Want To See The Ridiculous Costumes And The "Stars" Embarrass Themselves

I have no idea who Albert Reed is but based on the photos (more after the jump), I may have to watch Dancing with the Stars for just a bit now. Plus Jennie Garth!

Plus I've always liked Cameron Mathison from All My Children. It amuses me that he went to the same school (McGill University) and faculty (Engineering) as I did (though I'm not an engineer, long story but McGill categorizes things a little differently) and then became a soap opera star. I like that he actually finished his degree in Civil Engineering (wait. He went to Thornlea High School? I used to pass it everyday on my way to MY High School).

ABC announced the rest of the cast, which includes people my mother knows: Marie Osmond, Jane Seymour and Wayne Newton, the WHO? Sabrina Bryan, Helio Castroneves, Josie Maran, Floyd Mayweather, and they WHY? I thought we got rid of them once and for all: Mark Cuban and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown (though I AM considering getting tickets to their upcoming tour!).

This is Albert Reed. Enough said.

And more of Cameron Mathison


Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were an All My Children fan (or for that matter that Cameron Mathison went to Thornlea - cool!). I haven't watched in close to 8 years but I grew up watching in the womb and became a family ritual on all vacations, summers and eventually daily my family got a VCR. I still have a soft spot for the show whenever I see someone write about it.

Vance said...

I haven't really watched since Anne Heche played twins on the show but since Cameron is a fellow alum (and apparently former neighbour), I loosely follow along his career sometimes!