Saturday, August 11, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Dynasty Has Nothing On This

So I go across the world and come back to find Amber going all Evil Dick on Eric? What did I miss? I'm a bit late again on this, but check ModFab for the recap of Big Brother this past Thursday and don't forget to check QTA on Sunday to find out who Jessica nominates. Loved that Dustin was actually all calm and rational and trying to convince Amber that she was NUTS to go along with Evil Dick's plan.

So here's what ModFab had to say:
"Last night's episode of was special for many reasons. First because the one and only QTA was sitting on my sofa, letting the gooey TV drama drip all over us. Second, because the entire episode was one-long bitchfight, better than an episode of Dynasty in its heyday.

But first, the Chenbot Fashion Report: her outfit of choice was a black-and-white pantsuit that featured an enormous red sash...a sort of kabuki belt thing. (QTA: "She looks like the lost third member of The White Stripes.") Me, I thought it made Chenbot Ass look enormous."... continue at ModFab

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