Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Julie Chen Goes Gangsta

I lied on Tuesday.

Evil Dick goes mad in the house again, back on another rampage when things don't go his way. Daniele is up on the block after Eric uses the Veto when he realizes his ties are too close to the strongest alliance in the house. Jessica and Daniele are yelling at each other pulling each others fake blonde hair after Jessica grows a backbone and splits up the evil alliance while Amber cries in the corner as she thanks god for saving her in the game. Jameka prays to god in a corner, trying to stay away from the rumble that seems to be brewing between Eric and Dick. Oh wait, there's no god so this is not what happens.

So I lied on Tuesday that ModFab was going to report this, but Big Brother is delayed until 1:30 in the morning in New York so I'm here reporting on what really happened in the house. Nothing.

So instead of the above drama, Amber cried, nothing happened at the Veto, Amber cries, and then Amber is voted out tonight, and Amber cries. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The anti-Semitic could not convince the little Jewboy to keep her in the end, even though Jessica was regretting her nominations. Eric convinces Jessica its for the best, Amber cries. Damn Jews.

(uh, you know that was a joke right? Please. Chinese and Jews. We are the same people. We only differ in our opinions about pork. We like to use it as much as possible and Jews stay away (for us to use it as much as possible)).

In a more interesting bit, we find out...that Eric's younger brother is CUTE/HOT/CUTE! In the funniest and most disturbing bit, Chenbot says this phrase: "Is Eric, America's Player, America's PLAYA'?". I practically chocked on my own spit watching Julie Chen attempting Ebonics (She by the way, I am not claiming as being Chinese. I don't know WHAT she is). Oh, but we meet Eric's Cheryl, Eric's on/off ex/girlfriend who is in fact very supportive but NOT his current girlfriend. Or so they edit.

The HOH competition begins as a race to fill up a huge fishbowl with tea using a small teacup... which means it will take hours and we won't know who wins until Sunday when ModFab will report back on the winner and the new nominations, taking over a vacationing QTA.

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