Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Blonde Ambitions and Pulling The Right (Nipple) StRings

I had been deferring my judgement on Jessica because I wasn't sure I totally liked that she was riding on Eric's coattails and avoiding eviction week after week. She seemed like the least objectionable person left in the house (save for maybe Jameka but maybe it's because God's on her side) but did she really deserve to win the game for essentially flirting with Eric and lucking out in the game? I mean, I've already had enough people winning for riding coattails of "better" players with Boogie winning last year (and Lisa and Drew in previous years).

Tonight's mostly uneventful episode finally convinced me that Jessica might just be the brains of the operation, having used Eric to her advantage as her shield while she quietly sat in her bed gently tugging at the right strings. Who knew?

God hasn't been helping Amber (Amber. You know you DID dis Jewish people and his son's a Jew you know, God and Evil Dick are both protective of their children), but Jameka tries to convince the big guy to help save them. Jessica adds that she's actually religious too, just not in the house, you know, cause it's not her strategy, yo. She's using the little guy instead.

So both nominees Amber and Zach still think they are safe from elimination and have a connection to Eric and Jessica. Eric still thinks there's a trust with Daniele and Dick. Jameka trusts in God but hey, who can knock her alliance at this point since she's still in the game? Jessica doesn't really trust Daniele or Dick, at least less than Zach and Amber and secretly hopes to backdoor Daniele. Ba-Ding! We have a light in the house!

So the Golden Power of Veto is up for grabs and everyone is playing except Dick. In a sort of hide-and-seek Jeopardy, they are given the answer to a riddle they must find hidden within the backyard. It comes down to Amber, Zach and Eric as the last three, but since Eric's a dolt, he doesn't let Amber or Zach win it, thus letting them take themselves off the block, forcing Jessica to backdoor Dick or Daniele. No, Eric tries and WINS the whole damn thing for the first time in his valiant effort to feel manly while his woman is still in reign.

Then there's some rant Eric gives. Something about Dick controlling Daniele during her reign as HOH but Eric would NEVER do such a thing and allow Jessica full control while she's in the HOH position. There's some heterosexual kissy kissy under the lights between Jessica and Eric, then Eric is told by America to go and kiss Jessica and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Amber and Zach do the obligatory sly suck up to Eric and Jessica realises that NOW is the time to break up Daniele and Dick but Eric ignores her (smart) advice and keeps the nominations as is... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Apparently Jessica didn't pull hard enough this time.

So the calm before the storm was actually the boring before the more boring as Eric refuses to stir the pot this week and we don't get another Dick meltdown.

More interesting was this excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's interview with Jen:
EW: You said to people in the house that you felt when Daniele was on slop, Big Brother gave everyone more days off than they did when you were on slop.
Jen: I think that was just because sometimes we get a meal for random reasons — like we got locked out for too long or the veto competition went on a really long time... It's just that every time Daniele happened to be on slop, somehow in the middle of the week we got a free slop day. I didn't really mind, because obviously she shouldn't be on slop because she would die. But I was never on slop with her, so it was just weird to see. But whatever.

I'm actually going to miss Jen. Can we just focus on the sequester house now? With Dustin probably basking in the sun and Jen and her unitard.

ModFab will be back Thursday where they hopefully will show some of the sequester house, and ModFab will also cover Sunday while QTA returns later that week to cover hopefully what will be a full our war to get Daniele and Dick out.


Anonymous said...

"I'm actually going to miss Jen. Can we just focus on the sequester house now? With Dustin probably basking in the sun and Jen and her unitard."


Anonymous said...

I miss Jen too.

Also, I think Eric kept things the same because if Daniele went up he figured America wouldn't evict her and he DEFINITELY couldn't explain his way out of voting incorrectly on that one.