Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - The Power of 10 Commandments, Or Not

I'm back and settled into my deskwork again, no work travel, no vacation, and even though I never really missed an episode, I'm completely lost.


And when did Big Brother become the Power of 10? Apparently I would suck at that game because I still don't understand why America seems to hate Dustin and Jameka and love Evil Dick and Evil Daniele? Is it because I'm Canadian?

So, the team I used to like, is now shattered as Dustin is gone, leaving the people-we-only-tolerated-because-they-were-associated-with-Dustin-and-who-are-totally-way-into-God on the block. Amber and Jameka and God are now on their own against the defectees, Eric and Jessica who now join former LNC defectees Evil Dick and Evil Daniele. Apparently God is not a very good player. Or we've been misinterpreting the 10 commandments the whole time and that lying, cheating and bitching is the way to win the game of life (well, I guess everybody in the White House has already proven that).

Things must be bad in the house if the person I'm rooting for now is a God-loving, all praying girl. This is the point in the game where I swear I'm going to stop watching forever but instead I keep watching and get more annoyed as the people I hate continue to dominate and win.

Meanwhile, can we really blame Eric? Since America told him to gun for Dustin last week? Yes. At least technically, he did a better job covering up being our puppet by basically believing in the silly decision. This week, America sends Eric to give his Woobie to Jessica. Cute, Yawn. I think if he had to give it to Jen, Zach or Dick, it might have been funnier and more disturbing to the household. Which leads me to believe again that the Dustin vote wasn't to shake things up but just to get the homo out.

I'm sick of Daniele and Zach bitching and complaining about everything and everyone they are sick of. If anybody should get to play that game, it's us the viewers.

There's a prize for a trip outside the house in the veto competition and Eric wants it but as the balls (no comment here) would have it, he and Jen don't get to play.

The veto competition is basically the Power of 10 on motorcycles, where players need to guess as closely as possible the percentage of people polled what they think (yes, kind of like Family Feud without the family). I'm shocked that only 47% of people think Dustin would be a better boyfriend than Joe. Yes, Dustin was cocky and a bit selfish. Aren't we all? I KNOW I'm freaking selfish and I still consider myself a giving person (I even won the Christian Community Award in school for goodness sake. I know. The irony of it all! I was laughing as I took the prize scholarship). Then again, if everyone hates Dustin, who is basically me only white, maybe that explains why I'm single. Okay fine. I can be a little condescending but that's just because most people are friggin idiots. :P

In the end, Daniele wins the POV over (crying) Amber securing Dick and Daniele in full control of the game for now. Since Amber and Daniele beat Jameka to the final 2 spots in the game, they get to go on the trip outside the house to play the Power of 10 for real. !. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? not...

Daniele takes Amber off the block saving the Jew-hating crybaby to put up kooky Jen, who might seem to be my alternative person I want to win this game. Jessica is cute and dumb and all but she's cute and dumb and all and doesn't deserve to win the game for riding on Eric.

Eric's coattails I mean.

So apparently Amber's power of prayer works better than Jameka's for now as God (or Daniele) saves Amber. Daniele goes to make a deal with Amber after the fact, but Amber being possibly one of the worst players ever, offers up WAY more than she had to because... she's basically an idiot. Maybe I'm not like Dustin. How can he be friends with her? Maybe that's why America hated him? Guilty by association.

So America's choice is to tell Eric to vote out either Jameka or Jen. Wait a minute, those are my top 2 now. Damnit.

Catch the elimination with ModFab on Thursday and QTA will be back on Sunday for the continuing downfall within the house (remember, Jameka cannot compete in the HOH competition still which gives us little to no hope that Daniele, Dick, or Eric will be put up on the block unless some more backstabbing continues, which I guess in this seasons house, is actually more likely than not).

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