Friday, August 03, 2007

Big Brother Blogging: Where's My Dollar?

Well, there was no time to find out if Eric succeeded in "... doing that for a dollar" because of all the yelling in the house. Here's an excerpt from ModFab:

"If Jameka is right -- that is being guided by the hand of God this season -- then last night's episode tells us only one thing...God is a mighty big drama queen. Screaming, shaving, throwing drinks, bitching publicly and privately about any and everything...and that was the first ten minutes. But here, let me give you the skinny...

First: you've seen this, right?"

Continue at ModFab where the photos and last night's recap continues... (btw, I don't think I've laughed so hard watching everyone cry so much).

Don't forget to go to QTA on Sunday (and I will be a little late posting it so this is the reminder to just go straight there Monday morning), and I'll be back Tuesday with the Veto competition, where it seems like this year, the gang will try to back door somebody else.

QTA already has the spoiler the winner of the HOH, check after the jump if you want to know.

Highlight below if you want to know:
Thanks to QTA for watching Big Brother After Dark, he saw that it was down between Kail and Danielle, but Danielle, bless her sweet bony little heart, won the HOH. So I guess Jen and Kail or Zach are up again? You have to admit, Jen sure is doing well considering she's been up on the block almost every week. Ditto with Kail.


Anonymous said...

I also wondered where the hell the whole "I'd do that for a dollar" thing went last night. Does Eric annoy you as much as he does me?

Vance said...

There are episodes where I LOVE Eric, and then last night, he ANNOYED THE FRICK OUT OF ME. Though from reading about the live feeds, so far I kind of like him, but yes, its a back and forth thing with me.