Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Amazing Race 12 - Possible Spoiler?

My friend may have just witnessed part of the race for the next season of The Amazing Race 12 (unless it was The Amazing Race Asia?). (For the latest spoilers and recaps of The Amazing Race, go here)
Story after the jump if you want to know though it doesn't REALLY spoil anything since we have no idea who the contestants are at this point and she didn't have many details.

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My friend was in Duprovnik, Croatia on July 19th and saw groups of two's running followed by a camera.

Her husband was waiting in the center of the old city and he saw pple running down the street with cameramen following along and he also saw cameramen and others with walky-talkys tracking other pple and talking btwn eachother with directions that pple were running. This made her very suspisious.

"Then we were sitting at the harbor swimming area and we saw two pple run up the steps onto the concrete dock (and into our view) & look around, then we saw a camera man appear and then the two pple ran back the way they came and cameraman followed. We then talked to ditzy American couple who said they saw the "movie" being flimed and said that the crew seemed very closed lipped about what it was they were filming and who was in it they also saw pple zip cording and asked if that was something that they could do...they were told that it was special for the production that was being filmed. So then I said I thought it was Amazing Race and after a while of thinking they seemed to agree (it took them quite a long time to say "ive been thinking about it and I think you might be right")

The one couple racing, that my friend remembers, was a dirty blond guy and a girl with dark hair and both were wearing green headbands.

Sounds like The Amazing Race to me as opposed to some guerilla film making. While now would be the exact time they would be filming the fall edition of TAR, CBS doesn't have it on the schedule until Winter 2008, but maybe they are filming it just in case CBS decides to switch the schedules, since, you know, they do it all the time. I'm also guessing it isn't the Asian edition of TAR (though they did have a white couple in theirs too).

Sadly, they got no pictures of it because the racers were too quick.

UPDATE: Now that the contestant list is up, my friend confirmed who she saw here.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's a spoiler or not but not sure how to hide it the text. I think they were back in the states today. Saw what I would swear was a clue box, even got a picture of it but within a few hours it was gone. Unfortunately work intruded or I might have hung around to try and see if they came through.

Anonymous said...

Can we share the picture of the clue box? or tell us where you saw it?

Vance said...

Um. not sure how I missed that last comment but if anybody has more spoilers, feel free to post it in the comments area!

And the new premiers date has been set for Nov. 4th 2007 (Sunday 8pm)!!!

Anonymous said...

The description of the people sounds to be like TK and Rachel...

Anonymous said...

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