Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Burn Notice

The net was already all over Jen and Dick at each others throats but seeing was believing as Jen destroyed Dick's cigarettes and Dick used one to burn Jen's hand. How much does it take to get Dick kicked out of the house anyways?

Seriously, this is all getting very annoying very fast. We assumed Dick was going a week ago so whatever, we tolerated it, but now we learned our mistake and now we must all suffer apparently.

Anyways, ModFab has the latest update (small exerpt after the jump) while QTA will report back on Sunday (where hopefully Eric will be forced to try to get Dick nominated once again turning the house around, yet again. Let's hope!)

"As we picked up from Jen's suprise nomination last week, it seemed that she really wasn't taking it well. In fact, she seemed really pissed...and for a change, she was pissed at the right people, Evil Dick and Evil Daniele. I've never liked Jen, but let me say: last night was sublime. There was a satisfying joy as she destroyed his cigarettes...all of them. She held it together as he stole all of her clothes. She gave an enormous fuck-you to the producers by eating non-slop products....who lived up to the show's Orwellian nom de guerre by giving Jen an extra penalty vote for eviction. But the BB producers are small potatoes next to Dick, who -- I am not kidding here -- breathed cigarette smoke from his last pack into Jen's face after being asked repeatedly to stop...and then tried to burn her with the cigarette.

What are we watching, people? Some fucked up after-school special on abusing women? Lord of the Flies meets Battle of the Network Stars?"... continue at ModFab

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