Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 6 Spoilers Week 8

Second last week of So You Think You Can Dance already. ACK! And there will be NO results show this Thursday due to Fox showing sports. Yet again sports overtakes the arts in the ongoing battle that never seems to have ended. Apparently the results show will be on the following Monday, August 13th followed by the 2 hour performance finals on Wednesday August 15th and the 2 hour Finale on Thursday August 16th. Crap, I'm going to be in New York seeing shows so I'll be a few hours late on my posts, hey, wait a minute, that means I can vote! (We can't vote up here in Canada)

Also, don't forget, tickets for the live tour go on sale Saturday at 10am for most cities, pre-sale on Friday at 10am (anybody know the password yet?). I'm telling you this but people in Toronto better not beat me to better tickets. Ha! I'd better GET tickets! Last year it sold out within minutes in the PRE-SALE with no tickets left for the general public (and apparently the Hummingbird Centre screwed up and didn't aniticpate the hot sale and were blown away when it sold out that fast before they even thought of reserving seats for themselves).

In the meantime, the spoilers for the Top 6 this week are after the jump.

Highlight below for the spoilers:
The Judges Are going to be Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe

Pasha and Lacey
- Hiphop choreographed by Dave Scott

Danny and Lauren
- Contemporary choreographerd by Mia Michaels

Pasha Solo - "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Sabra and Neil
- Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore - "Sweet Dreams are Made of This"

Lauren Solo

Pasha and Lacey
- Smooth Waltz

Danny and Lauren
- Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez

Lacey Solo

Sabra and Neil
- Paso Doble choreographed by Tony Meredith

Neil Solo
Sabra Solo
Danny Solo

Thanks to IDF again for the info.

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I think the password is going to be SYTYCD or CanDance.