Friday, August 24, 2007

I Only Stalk Celebrities (like Jonathan Groff) On Broadway

Here's a few more pictures of the talented Broadway folks my sister and I stalked admired last week in New York during our musical marathon. Funny, I work around celebrities a lot now (Antonio Banderas? Yawn. Monica Belucci, eh (though she is one smart cookie!). Hilary Duff? Boring.) and usually I couldn't care less but stick me outside a stage door and I become a fourteen year old school girl.

But mainly it's because I needed to post more of Jonathan Groff.

Non-Jonathan Groff pictures after the jump.

Nick Adams as Larry in A Chorus Line in a Dustin shirt.

Michael Berrese as Zach in A Chorus Line

Tamyra Gray as Mimi in Rent

I have a lot more including ones with Kerry Butler, Mary Testa, Cheyenne Jackson, Curtis Holbrook, Tony Roberts and Jackie Hoffman from Xanadu (wait, that's almost the entire cast), and the rest of the Spring Awakening cast but my sister and I are in them and I like to keep my secret double life (and I already revealed my sister in the other post) hehe (again, I'm associated with a show that some cast members from Spring want to be on, ironically enough, while everyone on this show is trying to get into that show, with an erroneous rumour already out that one person was in fact going to be).

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Liz said...

Wow, I'm crazy jealous of all your theatre-going. It's been WAY too long since I've seen a live show. Or really been able to do anything aside from work and sometimes blog, for that matter... Sigh...

Vance said...

I hear ya sister... I've actually been bogged down with work at... work and it's been a bit crazy beyond that too but I made sure I carved out some time to do my musical marathon. It's my only relief outlet at this point. At least until the new TV season starts.