Monday, August 27, 2007

iPod Playlist - The Boys of (the End of) Summer Edition

It's been a while since I've done a iPod post (and I'll soon try to get that music BOX up again) so here's the latest stuff I'm loving on repeat. And yes, the Backstreet Boys are BACK (Sadly, that gets me really excited, even with only 4/5th's of Backstreet Boys back)! I'd also add in High School Musical 2 soundtrack but that's obvious!!! :P

James Blunt - "1973"

I know. People fear/hate him now because the radio overplayed "You're Beautiful" but don't hate him for that. This catchy tune has just the right amount of white funk in it that I'm totally digging it!

Quietdrive - "Time After Time"

I know, the gays must be having a heart attack for emo-punking this classic Cyndi Lauper song and in theory I should hate it but I absolutely love this version from Quietdrive.

Faber Drive - "Tongue Tied"

Their first single "Second Chances" was cute but I think this will be their break-out song for this Vancouver band.

Backstreet Boys - "Incosolable"

It sounds just like their last album but that's a good thing since I actually loved their last album "Never Gone". Yes yes, you can make fun of them since technically ALL their songs sound the same but whatever, I'm excited!

I'll put the clip up when I find it.

OneRepublic - "Apologize"

This was that song that everybody was asking about when the guy played So You Think You Can Dance and everybody was like, WHO? Or at least I was.

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