Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Rent To Pay

Man. This really is happening.

RENT. Reinvented.

I'm still totally appalled and totally intrigued at the same time. Plus with my recent revisit to the original, with original Mark and Roger (Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) I'm actually thinking this updated version might actually be a good thing still (basically because Rapp and Pascal were the best things about the show now while other things have gotten slightly dated and clunky).

Shoot, I'm in London but I'm fricken 2 days early. ARGH... Tickets are mostly general seating. WHAT?

Still, for a reinvention, the cast does sure seem very pale. Especially considering the original was pretty good at being diverse. Maybe it's a British thing?

1 comment:

LinzMcC said...

Would they ever put out a cast recording of this? I am just so thoroughly intrigued to see how they have changed it, and since I know I won't be seeing it, I want to hear the difference.. Until then, I won't judge them (not really...).

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