Friday, November 07, 2008

Whoa-men - Reasons to Watch Lipstick Jungle

Is it wrong that I'm still watching Lipstick Jungle, a show about the empowerment of women, solely for the men?

And by men I mean Matt Lauria (below) as Roy the now-confirmed gay assistant to Victory, Robert Buckley (above) as Kirby the hunkalicious boytoy to Nico and newbie guests Carlos Ponce as Rodrigo the hunky contractor as well as Edward Kerr as a fellow parent Wendy ends up kissing.

Sorry girls but I could care less about any of your stories. At this point, Lindsay Price's Victory is about the most compelling female character on the show which is quite shocking since she probably had the least credibility coming into this show. I forgot who said it but someone suggested they just rebalance the show around her and maybe the ratings might actually go up, and I couldn't agree more. As long as they keep Kirby around somehow.

And Rosie Perez. Cause girl is just funny no matter what she does! (I STILL love the scene where she won the lottery in It Could Happen To You)

Anyways, the show is still on but NBC has bumped it to Fridays at 10pm now, I guess trying to bank on the single girls alone at home on a Friday night thing. It'll work as long as you keep showing this:

Robert Buckley does get to wear clothes occasionally though (though I don't know why?):

Meanwhile, I LOVED when Victory realized she had NO idea if Roy was gay or straight and kept listening intently to any clues possible, which of course, Roy had kept gender neutral... to bad they didn't sustain that for a bit longer. It was actually kind of funny only because I find it happens in real life a lot more than a cliche would think:

Finally, Carlos Ponce as the hunky contractor, one of many guys (besides Andrew McCarthy) vying for Victory:


Dame James said...

My friend showed me a picture of Robert Buckley a few months ago and his abs alone almost made me start watching the show. But then I realized it was that show that was trying too hard to out-fab Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives and I quickly regained my senses. At least I can still enjoy some pics of him!

Vance said...

ANd Cashmere Mafia, the competing new SATC wannabe and LP was the lesser of the two yet this survives. Probably because of Buckley's abs.

Unknown said...

OOo..Robert Buckley is soo hooot !! ♥